Renaldo Balkman – The First Thing


I enjoyed sitting down with a former New York Knicks legend Zachary Bachar.  We discussed his NFT line. The First Thing was stated by Renaldo Balkman during our sit down the other day for my podcast. You have found the link for Spotify and the link for Apple podcasts here. Renaldo Balkman has developed a nickname for himself after going ballistic while playing basketball in the Philippines. Balkman, 28, captured a heated dispute with a trio of referees on video Thursday. Renaldo Balkman was allowed to play in the Philippine National Basketball Association.  Apparently the news created quite a stir on social media. The American basketball player Balkman was recently excluded from the Philippines’ one competition that is the professional league. His lifetime ban from the PBA was lifted by him on Tuesday, March 27 a little over five years since the incident. Not to be confused with Rolando Blackman.  He is a Puerto Rican professional basketball player for Capitanes de Arecibo ofHe also represents Puerto Rican national team.



Balkman apologized to PBA, fans, his team and teammates, and said it was unintentional:

He needs to develop a solid relationship with his fan base in the United States as well as in the Philippines and Puerto Rico. The ability of athletes to stay connected with their fans and also improve their digital image is at stake in 2021. In a time where Sports Memorabilia is at an all time high, there is an interview with Renaldo Balkman. The NFT uses the Ethereum and Solana blockchains, and they are found by other organisations too. Balk shared a large amount of interesting information with us. The Balkmania Worldwide NFT Collection is now released with the help of @KhelpCrypto and @stevecupart. The situation was worse because a teammate attempted to intervene. The video shows Balkman wrapping his hands around the neck of Arwind Santos before calming down. Balkman was born in Silver Lake, and for the first few years of his life lived there. He told the Advance he still has his family on Staten Island in an earlier interview. He played two seasons with the Knicks as a first-round pick in 2006 from the University of South Caroline. I posted a series of tweets about not harming anyone, specifically his teammates. I was able to capture the intense moment of a game. I respect @Arwind029 as a person and player. Be a part of the family at ‘Petron Blaze’. It was an unintentional gesture towards @arwindsotnas, I always believe that the team’s best interest is alwaysRenaldo Balkman (@R_Balkman32), on March 8, 2013.  March 10, 2013He apologized publicly to PBA, fans, his team and teammates, and said it was unintentional. As the interview continues, Arwind Santos comes on and says that the hatchet was buried by him and Balkman immediately after theHe issued a statement before the media, it’s made by Commissioner Chito Salud. Six points and four points. There are 2 rebounds, and one. Eight assists and one assist. Four steals, one block, and two are found by the change from Active to Passive. Four turnovers were reported during the span of five games. They played alongside other Knick teammates.  They represented Channing Frye, David Lee, Nate Robinson, and Mardy Collins. Balkman played in 68 games during his first season and averaged 15 games. There are six minutes, and four minutes of it. I received 9 points and four points. Three rebounding opportunities. He recorded four double doubles and showed promise on the defensive end, as he was called upon to guard multiple positions from beginning to end. His hustle and enthusiastic defense made him popular among fans.



The Dallas Mavericks Signed Balkman on September 30, 2013:

Balkman said very positive things regarding Leon Rose, the team’s president. When asked what his hardest player was, Carmel Anthony and Dirk are the names he said. Melo’s release was so fast that you cannot get to it and Dirk is so tall and shooting from behind his back. In general, a lot of fun were had by me. A apology has been made by Balkman, and does not mean to be confused with the two year 1990s Knick Rolondo Blackman,He posted that this was not intentional towards Santos, I am a team player who always has the best interests of the team at all times. Between active and passive. Basically, it is a question of active to passive. Renaldo Balkman learned a lesson for the first time since his ban from the PBA. Puerto Rico will eliminated Gilas from contention, which resulted in a 77-73 win. His return to the Philippines is made on January 1, 2018.  He signed with San Miguel Alab Pilipinas as an import in the Philippines. The Dallas Mavericks signed Balkman on September 30, 2013. He was waived by the Mavericks on October 22, 2013. Balkman signed a contract in December with Halcones Rojos Veracruz of Mexico. Balkman joined Capitanes de Arecibo in April of 2014. Then, Balkman returned to the Dallas Mavericks for free on October 24th of last year only to be waived that day.