RCFC and OliveX RCFC Auction


Newly created NFTs created for an Asian football club will be auctioned on Dec.  10. It is scheduled between 00am and 10am, Tuesday 12 October. The time is at 00am on Wednesday 13 October 2021 (HKT). A wide range of nonFTs, some of which come with real life benefits, will be able to bid for a wide range of items. The first nonfungible tokens created for the Asian soccer membership will likely be auctioned from 10. 00. It is from 00 to 10 o’clock on Tuesday, 12 October. The time is 00AM Wednesday, the 13th of October 2021 HKT. An array of nonfinancial advances, a few of which include life benefits, will be offered by OliveX RCFC. The first Asian Football NFT will be available soon. Thanks to the resources of the Capital Football Club and OliveXRCFC plays in the Hong Kong Premier League, while OliveX is a digital health and fitness company based in Hong Kong. The auction is expected to begin in October. A detailed auction will be held for Asia’s first football NFT deal in October 2021 with special promotions including real life meet and greets, inOn a revenue sharing basis, it is reportedly partners with the RCFC which plays in the Hong Kong Premier League.



RCFC Football NFT Promotions:

In the first promotion, who successfully bids for the team captain and goalkeeper Lam Chun Kit’s Legendary Card will enjoy one year’sThe second promotion collected the entire series of RCFC football NFT’s. They will enjoy the opportunity of receiving an autograph t shirt or the opportunity to train with the RC. There are limited availability opportunities available, and they will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. OliveX also created an epic autograph NFT card set as gifts for players and management team of the RCFC football team. The auction details are on the website of the Hong Kong Football Network for Television.  It is an open auction, so the highest bidd wins. Those willing to effectively bid for the ‘Legendary’ starring Lam Chun Kit, will receive one 12 month free entry. The second promotion is for whoever collects the complete collection of RCFC soccer NFT’s. They will use the alternative of getting a t-shirt with gamers autographs. They are limited availability alternatives and will likely be allocated on a primary, first serve basis. OliveX can also design epic autograph NFT playing cards for the RCFC Soccer group’s gamers and administration group to use as gifts. HK Football NFT’s Auction Details Web site indicates the best bidder wins at the public sale. In the first place, you should join a MetaMask or Portis crypto pocket on the website. The auction will go live on OpenSea and a new Cantonese language website dedicated to NFTs of Hong Kong football clubs. The joint venture RCFC and OliveX Collections will feature a sporting event of a very special nature in Asia’s sporting history, statedFootball clubs are always looking for ways to excite their fans and build their loyalty, especially in the new covid world. NFT’s will offer reallife benefits in order to promote fan engagement. The winner of RCFC’s Lam Chun Kit Legendary Card NFT will have yearlong access to all matches. The player will be able to get autographed tshirts. We aim to be one of the leading creators of sporting NFT collectibles throughout the region. One of four RCFC NFT auctions.  OliveX’s RCFC auction will begin at the beginning of October 2021.  The exactCollectors will be able to bid on them via the new cantonese language website dedicated to Hong Kong football club NFTs or via anIf you successfully bid for the RCFC’s Lam Chun Kit Legendary Card, you will receive one year free of costThe second promotion is rating anyone who collects the whole series of RCFC Football NFTs. A t-shirt with players autographs, and either a face to face meeting with a team member or even the entire team.



Platforms that Enable Real World Fitness to Merge With The Digital Universe:

You can reach OliveX on a phone number, which is a digital health and fitness company selling innovative products and applications to deliver unique experiences. Platforms that enable real-world fitness to merge with the digital universe in order to engage consumers with brands, influences, and coaches. OliveX serves those who exercise at home, at the gym, or outdoors. Platforms that allow real world health to merge with the digital universe so as to interact customers with manufacturers, influences and coaches. Those that train in a home, at the gym or outside are made accessible by OliveX in more than 170 international locations. Sport NFTs have created waves in the NFT world. Numerous legendary football teams have also joined the NFT craze. Messiverse’ NFT collection has been dropped by many others on Ethernity this month, For instance, Sorare was joined by someAs he stated, it is a time for Asian clubs to offer their fans the opportunity to take part in this exciting trend. This is going to be extremely popular with fans of Asian football. OliveX’s founder, Animoca Brands, announced an array of its own NFT and digital assets rights deals. The integrity, rarity, scarcity, ownership and other properties are independently guaranteed, verified, and secured by NFTs on blockchainNFTs are genuinely personal, whereas most digital content is temporarily provided to users on a licensing basis.