The official alliance with a new partner “WGN” in last month will start dealing on March 15, 2020, along with the issuance of new token “ANT”.

Who is WGN?

A well-known multi-level marketing team in Taiwan, with a track record of building hundreds of thousands of members in projects they have worked on in the past. In addition, they have astonishingly sold billions of products in a short period of time.

Following is the basic information about “ANT”

  • Taiwan Original Token “ANT”
  • Token symbol: ANT
  • The number of Total issued: 51million
  • Current market volume: Approximately 0.01%
  • Listed price: started at $0.10 (currently: $0.15)

It is the same system with the original token ANV of Greater China Marketing.

The mechanism for HEAVEN is basically the same with ANX, but since the amount of ANV in the DROP is very small, most likely no ANV is available on the market now.

For a requirement, HEAVEN needs to be made with a compilation of 50:50 (ANV: USDT).

In other words, the users buy ANV on the exchange to let HEAVEN gets made, so the order book inevitably gets thicker.
In other words, the Token is being designed like its well-balanced supply and demand let the stable long-term price increases can be expected.

Taiwan has relatively many marketers and users with the attributes kind of similar to the Japanese market.

For example, in the Greater China region, the unit cost per user is low, but the number of preferred users can be expected to be orders of magnitude.
In comparison, Taiwan has a moderate number of users but has a higher average spend per user.

The future-oriented way of thinking, have very high expectations for NOBORDER.z the cutting edge Blockchain company along with the advanced experience of the VR field.

However, the marketing spread gets potentially slow down due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak throughout China this year.
For that we have deployed the countermeasures already, we switched the marketing concept to primarily new online marketing tools like TOUKU, thus on a contrary, the more aggressive and new style users are gradually coming in!

We would update the other overseas marketing state and tie-up Tokens information as needed.

Thank you.

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