We need to postpone the presentation for who gets the second position on board for XWISH. We need to re-examine the marketing strategy fo the crowdfunding promotion.

Please be assured that the postponement period would not be that long until the official presentation.

The 1st XWISH campaign goes with Sari Kato this time and the response from the market was being pretty cool, and it was taken up in various media such as Yahoo News and LINE News, and the campaign gets ended up with big success.

XWISH Official Website:

Sari Kato Official YouTube:

Sari Kato Official Blog:

Yahoo! News:

Chunichi News:

Daily Sports online:

Smart News:

Some points are found that need improvements, therefore we will launch the campaigns’ second version with a more upgraded state.

From now on, not only the crowdfunding but also the original concept of the campaign promotion that ”Your favorite movie stars or celebs would fulfill your wishes (=XWISH) via the internet only for you”.

We know you can’t wait for that very exciting moment!

Thank You.

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