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Daily crypto briefings and weekly bitcoin market reports are delivered directly to your inbox. The first formal incubator project WonderHero was announced by Polkstarter. The blockchain is an NFTbased RPG that uses play to earn. The Wonder Hero will receive institutional and mentorship support in their partnership with Polkstarter Labs. Share this article. Polkastarter Labs, an investment arm, has announced its first full incubation project. Enter WonderHero, Polkastarter Labs, has revealed its first fully incubated project called WonderHero. WonderHero is an RPG game that allows players to earn rare NPCs to play on their mobile devices. Pre and post IDO, additional support and mentorship will be provided by WonderHero from Polkastarter Labs. The team at WonderHero wasn’t willing to compromise gaming experience, and looked for the right partners who would grow the right way for players. Morningstar Ventures partners as co incubators for this program. Morningstar Ventures supports multiple successful projects such as YieldGuild, Polkastarter, PolychainMonsters, and morePolkastarter will make the first fully incubated project. Polkastarter Labs has announced an official incubation and investment offshoot and they’re excited to launch it. The newly created company will add the Polkastarter offering through direct mentoring, support and investment, before and after IDO. Like most startup incubators, focus on early stage support more than investment per se. I am afraid JavaScript is not available.



Polkastarter Launchpad – WonderHero:

The launchpad has helped more than 70 projects to date, including Ethernity Chain, EPNS, Wilder World, and Thetan ArenaIt offers the most promising crypto projects tools and incubator that will allow them to succeed. Polkastarter CEO and Co-Founder revealed Daniel Stockhus. The background of the team and its vision convinced us that this project was the right selection. We are very excited to grow this market together. Rare, nonfungible tokens can be sold and traded on a peertopeer basis. Players can earn tokens for winning battles. All the tools they would need to realize their full potential has been offered by Polkastarter’s startup incubator nowDaniel Stockhus cocreated the WonderHero project and it had the perfect timing to be the first incubated venture on Polkastarter. The background of the team and its vision convinced us that this project was the right choice. Polkastarter Gaming is the latest initiative aligned with it. The CEO of WonderHero, Ethan Ng, echoed the same sentiments. He adds many details, and we are excited to begin lab work with Polkastarter. Something is telling me this will prove to be one of the best business decisions we have made, and help establish WonderHero. We believe this project is the best choice because of the unique combination of their expertise and vision. Polkastarter is the leading project launchpad.  It was founded by Daniel Stockhus, who is the CEO and co-founder. It is the launchpad used by Ethernity Chain, Paid Network, MahaDao, Thetan Arena and many more. They are passionate about blockchain technology and have accumulated over thirty years of combined tech experience. WonderHero is taking a big step to partner with Polkastarter and have access to their rich experience and expertise. Polkastarter, a protocol for starting new ideas is decentralized. We offer the best new projects in Blockchain and Digital Assets. Polkastarter allows decentralized projects to raise awareness and build a loyal community, and receive long term support. The incubator will help the project and internal processes through advice on staking, liquidity mining, and other key tech integrations. It is very easy to establish new partnerships.  Collaboratives are established by mentoring projects. Marketing support will continue as before. WonderHero is the first project and incubation partner of Polkastarter Labs for iOS and Android. An RPG based on turn-based gameplay in which players collect heroes, fight with them and earn tokens for the battles they enter into andThe idea for Polkastarter Gaming to introduce more Metaverse users fits perfectly with the idea of Incubation. Daniel Stockhus said, When we saw the WonderHero project, it was the right fit with the right kind of potential we were looking for. In this browser, JavaScript cannot be used. To continue using Twitter, please enable JavaScript or select a supported browser. Go to com.



Polkastarter Helps Decentralized Projects Rake Awareness:

Our project management system and the industry access in Blockchain and digital assets make the best new projects available. Polkastarter helps decentralized projects raise awareness, build a loyal community, and longterm support is received. The platform allows users to participate in a secure, compliant environment and use assets both in and beyond the current ERC20 standard. Our industry access and our curation process provide the best new blockchain and digital asset projects. Polkastarter is a platform for creating decentralized projects to raise awareness and build a loyal community and have a longterm support. A secure, compliant environment will be able to be used by users of the platform both in and beyond the current ERC20 standard. The mobile game WonderHero is about play to earn NFT.  The token is not fungible, however the game has rare NFTs thatThe team will build a balanced universe with each other income opportunities and a player from different levels can have fun while at the same time. We offer the most promising new projects in Blockchain and Digital Assets. Polkastarter is a decentralized project that could raise awareness, build a loyal community and receive long term support. Users will benefit from a secure and compliant environment, as well as assets. In a balanced universe, players of different levels can receive income opportunities while enjoying themselves. Please see in our Help Center a list of supported browsers. The Help Center shows Time is Carried by Active to Passive.