Playboy Rabbitars – The Latest NFT Collection


Playboy will release 11,953 distinct Rabbitars. Rabbitars might also have other characteristics such as ears, hats, and occupation related traits. The PLBY Group, Inc.  is addressed to a number of people. The latest NFT collection, ‘Playboy Rabbitars’, was presented by the owner of the legendary lifestyle brandPlayboy will release 11,953 distinct Rabbitars as well as 3D rabbit figures in NFT form. Los Angeles, OctoberThe date is 20, 2021. The latest collection of NFTs, the Playboy Rabbitars, was announced today by owner of Playboy, the iconic lifestyle brand. Playboy will release 11,953 unique rabbit characters in NFT form. Each Rabbitar user will provide the reimagined Playboy Club. The band TLDR Breakdown Playboy is releasing a new NFT collection called ‘Rabbitars. ‘In the new collection, 11,953 NFTs will be included. Each NFT will sell 0 of them. 1953 Eth and it can be purchased through both the Ethereum and U. S.  Dollar exchange. I think it’s S.  Dollar. The premier lifestyle and entertainment magazine Playboy is another example of experimentation and launching NFTs. A collection of 11,953 odd Rabbits NFT’s will go full metaverse and launch on the Ethereum blockchain on Oct 26.  Each oneIn 1953, the ETH was added. I would like to have one. Please try to do so.



Rarest Rabbitars:

Playboy was inspiring through the symbols, tradition, and legend. There will be distinct characteristics for each Rabbitar.  Some of them are rarer than others. The design was created by Playboy’s specialized Web3 Innovation team in collaboration with Possible Studios and WENEWThe Rabbitars are nonfinancial instruments on the Ethereum Blockchain.  They are ERC-721 tokens hosted on IPFS, the MetaBased on Playboy’s Art and Editorial History.  Plus of hair and face features, other attributes like ears and hats, and occupation relatedSome of the collection’s rarest Rabbitars and qualities are influenced by key areas of Playboy’s art and editorial history. Rabbitars from Playboy are priced at zero. The presale for whitelisted, Eth paying collectors will be held October 24th – 26th. Our objective is to create meaningful opportunities for ownership and unique value. The Rabbitars mark the beginning of true blockchain-based membership for Playboy. NFTs have the ability to influence millions of members to transform their lives into the sophisticated lifestyle that the Playboy brand represents. Jamal Dauda, Vice President, Blockchain Innovation explains: Playboy has a nearly 70 year history of groundbreaking contemporary artIn our quest to visualize the Rabbitar World, we aimed to honor our legacy in the arts, while embracing the spirit of innovation. Some of the rarest Rabbitars are inspired by iconic moments in Playboy’s art and editorial history. ‘Blockchain’ is a new technology that aims to expand the possibilities. Inspired by the brand’s iconic bunny logo. Each of these three dimensional cartoon rabbits gives a unique personality to relate to the diverse Playboy community. After earlier in the year, the NFT craze is taking over the crypto industryPopular brands are making their own unique digital collectibles to attract people to the industry and create a brand in this emerging world of the N. Playboy released their first NFT collection in collaboration with the popular artist Mike Parisella last spring (Slimesunday)Their second NFT collection gets much publicity this Sunday. Playboy plays a portion of his new NFT collection, but it is unique. The Rabbits NFT collection will serve a new modern key to the exclusive Playboy Club. Which rabbit are you?A play on a rabbit, introducing the inhabitants of the world of Leveretia. As with no one else, each one is unique. Playboy.  According to the official description The Playboy Rabbitars are a lagomorphThe Rabbitars are NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain, and are ERC-721 tokens. Rabbitars produce 175 traits including fur, ears, facial expressions, apparel, accessories, occupation characteristics, and more. Some of the rarest Rabbitar traits are inspired by culturally significant aspects of Playboy’s art and editorial history. Playboy Rabbitars made a special mention and homage to the founding year of the magazine at 11,953. A great deal of these photos would be authenticated profiles that give exclusive access to events, merchandise, and more.



First Public Sale for Fiat Paying Collectors will begin on Tuesday, October 26th:

Collectors on the Eth whitelist may purchase up to two Rabbitars. The two public auctions were able to produce the Rabbitar max limit of ten. Forwardlooking statements are intended to be identified by words such as expect, estimate, project, budget, forecast, anticipate, intend, plan, etc. Four different sales events will be included by the launch. For ETH paying collectors, which are whitelisted, on Sunday and Tuesday, October 24th and 26th. However, up to two NFTs can be purchased by the whitelisted collectors only during the pre sale period. The first public sale will begin on Tuesday, October 26th for fiat paying collectors. The NFTs will exist as standard tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and will be hosted on the InterPlanetary File platform. a rare species of rabbit, known for their extraordinary speed, cultural sophistication, razor-sharp wit, inimitable intellect, and fantasticEach Rabbitar generates over 175 possible traits such as fur, facial features, ears, headwear, apparel, accessories and occupation-related characteristics.