Phil Ivey NFT Moment Auction


Moments launched, the world of NFT’s are being taken by us to a new realm that is the Multiverse NFT. Moments was launched by us with three incredible partners.  Our first drop was by Phil Ivey, The Shoe Surgeon, and Sneaker ConSome of our most significant moments are immortalized on the blockchain. This week Phil Ivey and The Shoe Surgeon will launch the world’s first multiverse NFT. Collectors can own a piece of poker history and even get the chance to play in a high stakes cash game with Ivey. Jon Sofen and Phil Ivey created the first multiverse nonfungible token, NFT. The ten time World Series of Poker winner tweeted a teaser. A NFT is a unique, nonchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain. NFTs may include historical moments recorded on video, pictures, and pieces of art. Phil Ivey halted the WSOP nearly a month ago but he has stayed busy since. Las Vegas, October 14thMoments is the latest Web3 marketplace player and introduces the world’s first multiverse NFT. Moments is a blockchain platform to preserve culturally relevant moments.  In partnership with iconography of the past and present.



Phil Ivey NFT Moment Auction:

The Moment captures a high stakes poker battle between Phil and Tom Dwan. It is an immortalized NFT, it is a cultural heritage. Another legend in the poker community. It is a symbol of the essence of poker and an immortalized NFT, it is considered a cultural heritageWinner of Phil Ivey NFT Moment auction will receive an all expenses paid luxury trip to Las Vegas. The game of poker is a high stakes cash game that requires members to be acquainted and played with. The Shoe Surgeon x Phil Ivey Hybrid Sneaker is tied to Poker Bluff moment, and can be worn in anyThe first metaverse creation by this sneaker is made by The L. The question is, A. The bluff heard by the highest bidder around the world will be owned by the highest bidder. It produces a digital video that is licensed. The winner of this auction will receive a trip to Las Vegas to meet Phil Ivey and play against him in a high stakes competition. Moments will create unforgettable experiences for you. The winners of this auction will receive an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to meet Phil Ivey and play against him. The Moments team makes your experience unforgettable. Stylish sneakers are based on Ivey’s bluff against Dwan and can be worn in the metaverse. This document chronicles a storyboard that chronicles the creation of the sneaker. Bidding takes place on Opensea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace using Ethereum. Moments is launching a unique NFT by the Poker Hall of Famer. Multiverse NFTs offer three dimensions to allow them to own a historical moment. a piece of Phil Ivey’s legacy, for example, can be owned by Poker fans or a shot to play against theThe highest bidder at First Dimension auction will own the legendary hand played by Ivey and Tom Dwan. The highest bidder received an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to meet and compete against Ivey. A limited edition The Surgeon X Phil Ivey Hybrid Sneaker is earned by the third dimension’s top bidder tied. Moments is a new direction for the NFT community, the Multiverse NFT. The song Moments will be the first release for us.  It was said by Meysam Moradpour, general manager for AwakenThat is what makes Moments differentCollectors often share a historical moment.  It is an opportunity to live it in the physical world or in the metaverse. Phil Ivey’s digital collectible offers a truly unique digital experience into his worldThe highest bidder of the world’s most intense bluffs will own it, a major moment in history. The Moment of Phil and Tom Dwan, another legendary poker icon, captures a high stakes poker battle. It is a symbol of the essence of poker and it is an immortalized NFT.



About Moments – An Auction for English Audiences Or Share Moments?:

Moments has more information and upcoming drops are searched for by Moments. I am wondering if they should run an auction in order to appeal to the English audience or to share moments. The Chinese audience gets CCC from cc. About Moments is a premier curator and provider of iconic moments launched by Silicon Valley-based A5 Labs in 2021. There are situations in which you could be whisked away to play poker with Phil Ivey in Vegas but what if you could be allowed toThat is what makes Moments so special and unique.  Meysam Moradpour is the general manager of A5 Labs’ Innovation LabI am interested. The bidding will begin on October 28th, at 9 pm PST. Ivey’s NFT collection featured five cards, each with their own distinct title properly titled, ‘The Royal Flush’. The NFTs was priced between $199 and $4,000, with the ten card being the highest end. The poker hall of famer gave one of the most popular poker players in history. In addition to the Halloween NFT party that Integral will sponsor, an invite only NFT will be launched on October 28th. An Integral Superheroes free NFT will be received by Attending guests in cooperation. Those coming soon will be displayed in the moment. It was an auction for English audiences, or it could have moments. It was for a Chinese audience.