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The announcement of the Appchain candidacy of the Unique One Network, NFT Galaxy, by Unique One Network to the Octopus Network Ecosystem. Tokyo, Japan, October 4, 2021.  EINPresswire /It is exciting that Octopus Network will announce the candidacy of the Unique One Network, NFT Galaxy. NFT marketplaces compliment their product and marketing strategies and are desired by a multitude of teams, projects, and companies. A NFT marketplace is expensive and takes much time. Unique One Network can provide out of the box themes, infrastructure, and support. Introducing Octopus Network, a decentralized protocol, being launched by the Octopus Network project, and the OCT token. As the founder of Octopus Network, Louis Liu explains, “Octopus provides out of the box security and interoperabilityThe program Mission Octopus is a cryptonetwork for the launcher and running Web3. 0 Application specific blockchains, or appchains. The first NFT chain offers greater flexibility for Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. The company Outlier Ventures contributed three million dollars in the first round of its presale. Other investors such as Animoca Brands and DFG are also included. It is aggregating and curating information across the near ecosystem. This edition crowdsourced 55 news contributions to the News DAO. Want to help spread the news of the ecosystem? You should earn $Near.



NFT Marketplace – Unique Network:

Photo requested autonomy for photographers to choose what selling points they wanted to promote their work, such as custom licensing, certificate of authenticity for prints, and more. That’s unique. There are two marketplaces for photography and art on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Its mothership chain on Substrate as an Appchain is built out by Unique One Network with the goal of further challenging Web3. 0 interoperability to augment an NFT EvolutionUnique One Network NFT Galaxy Appchain will extend crosschain modular builds on diverse blockchains because of its extensive experience building NFT Marketplaces. Any protocol, team, or business can launch their own NFT Marketplace, without financial risk, by staking UNET tokens. Once you stake UNET tokens, you can select from a variety of themes and a set of NFT related API and SDK tools forYou can also upgrade for custom premium themes and features, based on what you require. The amount of UNET tokens staked depends on the complexity of the features desired. Staked tokens are vested over a period of fifty months (after vesting, revenue share will be distributed by revenue share. )There is a possibility for you to stake tokens to receive a portion of the revenues generated by the marketplace. It’s an economical option to stake OCT tokens in order to get rewards for the various appchains on the Octopus Network. That option is left to the native token holders of the respective chain. For the Octopus team founder, Louis Liu, it is clear that the next wave of innovation within the cryptospace is coming. That means that a unique advantage over others is a unique advantage over others. Diverse use cases are appropriate for different uses. My opinion for DeFi is that smart contracts are a better option because all smart contracts on one platform have the same security assumption, the same as theIn addition to Web3. Unique Network was created in order to help solve the problem of gas and education, and to expand the interoperability of NFTThe framework allows NFTs to interact with each other and make them malleable in a way that nontraditional users will understand and feel. That is the only way we can bring the amazing technology to its next iteration. The problem is that the first generation of NFT is overcrowded.  Unique Network is an infrastructure that will allow the next generation of NFTs. The step by step guide on how to submit news and make one near PRThere are massive things around the ecosystem.  NEAR’s week by the numbers total transactions: 26286145 Total accounts: 759,411Near Wallet has added 100k more users since last week. There is a great deal of work behind the scenes, mostly around better UX and messaging. The long term direction of NEAR Wallet is almost completed, eliminating the rebranding. Near accounts represent nearly 650k, compared to almost 97k from the last week.



Unique Network Brings Blockchain Back to Earth:

Octopus network token holders created a free market where Appchains can lease the security they need at a market price any time. We believe that web3 is being shared by more and more people. Application development teams turn to an application chain technology stack. By giving back the design space in the complete technology stack of blockchain to developers through application chain technology. To be purchased tokens for UNET from the market to be added to the vested pool and distributed to all stakers. Unique One Network will get 20% of the marketplace revenue. This includes the active and passive. Octopus appchains provide flexibility to projects and developers when scaling an individual application on NEAR. An app is able to transition from a contract to an app chain, or vise-versa, as cheaper transactions may come to be neededThe Octopus Network Team is exceptionally talented and experienced in both the crypto space and in mainstream software development. Unique Network presents an innovative proposal that would bring this technology back to Earth and enable community-driven NFT commerce. We are very excited about what Unique is bringing to blockchain gaming and NFT’s raising the bar for functionality and interoperability. That is above the average of the last month. Public Roadmap Portal launches UX improvements in a live format. Developers, Project Growth, Gaming, Events, Guilds, Infrastructure, NFTS, Open jobs in the Nearverse, Other updates.