Nonfungible Token (NFT) Collection – The Long Neckie Collection


‘Abu Mubarik’ is a journalist who has years of experience in digital media. He likes football and tennis. The Long Neckie Collection is the creator of the Nonfungible Token (NFT) collection worth around $3. Four million dollars in digital currency. Your average 12-year-old is not your average Benyamin Ahmed. He enjoys swimming, taekwondo, and learning how to code when not at school. Ahmed started the development of web developers when he was 5 years old. HTML and CSS were his first subjects, and he continued to improve his coding skills, eventually learning JavaScript and other programming languages. When People buy Weird Whales, my future is invested by themThe story of a 12-year old boy who has made a small fortune selling pixelated doodles to thousands of suckers. A 12-yearold boy from London raised over 400,000. A report in CNBC says it is 94 crores from a collection of digital whales that are selling as NFTs. Benyamin Ahmed, the creator of the digital whales, launched the NFTs last month. One young entrepreneur started learning to code at the age of five.



How to Create and Sell NFTs:

To learn how to create and sell video, people watched YouTube videos. Soon, the NFTs of her Long Neckies were purchased by the public. She has sold more than 960 ETH since March, that is approximately $3. It is a digitized currency. At age 4, I began drawing. When I was nine years old, my parents bought me a smartphone, using which I can create digital art. I have made drawings of people with long necks I call Long Neckies. My uncle informed my mother about the NFTs last March. We watched YouTube to learn how to create them and sell them. Soon people started buying NFTs of my Long Neckies. More than 960ETH has been created by me. That is a digital currency, and it is worth about $3. Recently, nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, and the smart contracts, or collections of code, that power them, have caught on. A fellow CNBC writer told CNBC Make It that he first learned about NFTs earlier this year. NFT’s fascinated me, they allow ownership to be easily transferred by using a blockchain. Benyamin Ahmed (L), age 12, and his brother Yusuf Ahmed (R), age thirteen. A blockchain, is a decentralized digital system, that can record unique digital assets such as jpegs and video clips. As physical assets.  Their ownership and validity is tracked by the blockchainAhmed created an NFT collection of his own. His first NFT collection launched earlier this summer consists of 40 colorful and pixelized avatars called Minecraft. The NFTs are similar to the prominent cryptopunk collection.  Each NFT comes in the form of a pixelated image. However, buyers have not been stopped by that etherealityAll of the weird whales sold out in nine hours. Ahmed produced 80ether and he spent $300 on the project. That amount was about $250,000 of value according to this article as of this article’s publication. In addition, Ahmed has collected some $94,000 in royalties from that initial sale in July whereas some of his buyers chose to sell. Ahmed insists that he does not plan on cashing out more than $400,000 in Ethereum. Ahmed said he planned to keep all my ether and not convert it to fiat money. An NFT recording of who owns what also stores what’s owned by the owners. The first NFT collection, which consists of 40 avatars, was launched earlier this year and his designer and coder, Ahmed. Though the collection did not sell quickly, work on another NFT in June named Weird Whales was started by Ahmed. The collection was learnt by Ahmed through online tutorials and conversations on Discord.  Ahmed explained it in a YouTube Q&A. The collection was launched in July.  The item was sold out in nine hours. Ahmed made more than 80 Ether coins on that dayHe kept the coins in Ethereum itself. The young coder earns money by selling these NFT’s which reportedly receive a 2. The royalty is 5 percent for each secondary sale.



NFT is a Litecoin project, which was created by a youngster:

Time has a history of highlighting great artists and photographers while opening new exciting spaces. Although, that was ok, the collection did not immediately sell. Ahmed felt that the project was more of a learning experience, than a money grab.  He wanted to continue to create. In June, weird whales was coded by him.  It is his second NFT collection.  It features 3,350 pixelated whales. You can find out how much money and planet you could save by switching to solar power at understandSolar. Com is enabled by com. Futurism can have two million visitors by signing up through this link. Com can receive a small commission. You can choose between active and passive. It is slated to reach over $400,000, which is approximately Rs 2 is stated by CNBC. It is worth 94 crores. Ahmed only had a cryptocurrency wallet, and not a traditional bank account. He has denied that he converted the cryptocurrency into money. He is currently working on another NFT project, which was created by a youngster.