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The latest KYC levels and withdrawal-Payout rules would be applied.

The withdrawal limit for each KYC level

  •  Unverified KYC users (BASIC)
    • Daily        2,000 $
    • Monthly  10,000$
  •  Verified KYC users (ADVANCE)
    • Daily       50,000$
    • Monthly 200,000$

1% of withdrawal fee is applied (TRANXIA Cryptocurrency Exchange to XANA Digital Wallet)

 Email address verification process (OTP) is needed for all users withdrawing over 500$ per day

Following Information need to be provided when registering wallet

  • Phone number (Email with verification code)
  • Full name
  • Email address

The following information needs to be provided for the KYC verification process.

  • Physical Address
  • Date of birth
  • Clear copy of identification document
  • Selfie photo

Scheduled date of application: Early of December 2019

Login Issue

Just like the other exchanges out there, TRANXIA Cryptocurrency Exchange also has had some unwelcome hacking issues like unauthorized logins and cyberattacks every single day.

Therefore, as a countermeasure from our side, we need to have some specification changes that make users being unable to log in when multiple login attempts with incorrect credentials are detected and started to have an email address authentication (OTP) for withdrawals from exchanges. For this reason, we already have some users who cannot log in due to unauthorized login attempts.

If you are getting unable to log in, please kindly contact our customer support, so we gladly help you out.

We kindly advise for a countermeasure on the user side, please kindly take the following two steps beforehand.

  • Please set 2FA by Google Authenticator.
  • Please set a different trade password from the login password, otherwise, an error occurs.

Please kindly note that we cannot guarantee any damages you would have when an unauthorized login was made to your account in case that two of the above countermeasures weren’t taken place.

Besides, the user’s accounts would be suspended immediately if some malicious acts that attempt to cause cyber attacks and hacking or deliberate bugs are detected.

The XWISH and XLOVE services have been finalized and are expected to launch in December. There are some delays because we need to clear the legal issues for each country’s and caused by the compliance issue of Oculus side.

We are planning to announce how to watch XLOVE on the Oculus devices in December, and we are getting ready for a fundamental solution.
We officially announce this issue at HEAVEN’S DAY on Dec 21.

The release of the XLOVE website with  XANA DIGITAL WALLET would be done soon.

About advertisement
The advertisement promotion at Akihabara that we have previously announced is getting significantly delayed from the originally scheduled date.
The reason for this delay is that there is a sudden change in the posting rules of the building owner’s side, and a lot of additional information is required, such as the illustration data that was originally submitted and changes in the posting conditions.

Discussions for the issues are still ongoing, and we expect to be able to publish in December, so we would like to let you know as soon as it is settled down.

We apologize for everything that you have been waiting and worrying for, and my sincere appreciation for your continued support.

Thank you.

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