NFTs in the News This Week


Social media platforms turned the dial up on NFTs this past weekTikTok and Twitter have taken a few steps toward ingraining NFTs into the communities they host. This past week social media platforms turned the dial up on NFTs. While the NFT community is taking steps to embed NFTs into their business, it was caught by both TikTok and Twitter. In addition, Dogecoin cofounder suggested NFTS could be a solution, and Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney suggests NFTThe news was just another actionpacked week with NFT headlines. It has been a long week for NFTs. The project found a lot of discussion around hackers, Dapper Labs raised another round of capital and an agency deal was signed by an anonymous investor. We took a look back at the last seven days of activity around NFTs as usual. Let us move from active to passive. There is no such bullish on NFTs as Mike Novogratz is seemed by Crypto connoisseur Mike Novogratz. A bright future is envisioning, by Bank of America. On Oct 8, 2021 QED Protocol became the latest method for blockchain. Animoca Brands CEO, Colegraph, advocates a new way for society to create store culture.



NFT Project ‘Iconics’ Presold 2,000 NFTs:

Dogecoin cofounder, Billy Markus, may have suggested NFT compatibility and a Dogecoin for two reasons. The token has been placed by DOGE volume and falling prices falling out of the top 10. The rug pull is not always sunshine and rainbows was created by a Solana-Based Project. ‘Iconics’, the NFT project, sold 2,000 NFTs.  It was reportedly led by a 17 year oldThe answer is five. The project produced $100K worth of SOL but they did not have a ton to prove. However, the artwork promised was never delivered and the artist’s Twitter account was goneThere have been no subsequent announcements by the project’s Discord channel. According to reports, the money taken from the presale has been distributed across multiple accounts. The meme token is actually supported by a dogecoin Ethereum bridge. The token is placed by DOGE volume and declining prices at falling out of the top 10. The skies aren’t always sunny and rainbows. NFT project ‘Iconics’ presold 2,000 NFTs. Number five is acceptable. With no evidence of it, over $100K worth of SOL was ruggedized by the projectSadly, the artwork promised wasn’t delivered, and the artist’s Twitter account disappeared. There have been no subsequent announcements made by the project’s Discord channel. According to reports, the money taken from the pre-sale has been spread across multiple accounts. Solana is in its early days of NFT engagement and has had some challenges around authenticity and rugpulls. For NFT fans, Brighter Days are set. Dapper Labs has raised another $250 million this week. The funding round was led by Coatue and had new investors including Bond and GIC. The firm is valued by the funding at over $7. The answer is 5B. In the meantime, the official press release about Dapper’s partnership with soccer league LaLiga made its way out as well. The first report on the partnership with Dapper appeared a month ago when it was first reported. Time Magazine is the latest traditional media publication to investigate NFTs in more depth this week. Approximately 5k NFTs came and went within sixty seconds and many in the wider NFT community provided for significant scrutiny. Gas prices reached insane highs when they hit around 9,000 gwei in one area. NFT market has officially surpassed $10B. Even a slow week in NFTs feels like it moves at a million miles an hour. The whole week is filled with entertainment and games. The final quarter of the year begins, we shall review everything that has happened in the past seven days of the New Year. It is an eleven inch market, do not worry, it is known as the Non-Fungible Token News. The number of ETH held by miners reached the highest level in two years, according to Cointelegraph. Moneygram partners with Stellar Development Foundation to allow users to make remittances with USD coinsI am referring to bitcoin.



Epic Games – Fortnite and Rocket League:

There are just a handful of blockchains that have made substantial strides to be major players in the NFT space. Epic Games has created several unique gaming experiences, including Fortnite and Rocket League. Nonprofits consistently have ties over video game landscapes, mostly because of the concept of digital ownership that inherently comes with gaming. Ripple may make a name for themselves with cryptocurrencies creators. Some classic games created by Epic Games, such as Fortnite and Rocket League, have been created over the years. It is due to the concept of digital ownership that exists in games like Fortnite. I have very strong respect for those who have created NFTs with great intentions. The Fundraising Party is not the only NFT firm.  Over the past weekSorare raised an amount of $680 million during its Series B round.  The total amount raises the company’s value around $4It is 3B. Sorare developed a platform for fantasy soccer with about 180 club partners. Messari Crypto surpassed a $10 billion market for NFTs this week. As to be expected, the market leader is generating secondary sales for over 6 billion dollars. . . . Globetrotting, Binance looks to Ireland for a central headquarters, the news website cointelegraph. You can access the internet at www. com.