NFTLabs – The World’s First NFT Design Lab


incorporated tokens are used to create custom digital assets, launching together the world’s first Integrated NFT design lab that specializes in NA design laboratory, unique in its class, is vying to dominate the space. The toonz media group and GuardianLink jointly launch the world’s first integrated NFT design lab specializing in non-fungible tokensNFT is a new medium of digital assets with economic underpinnings. Io is a computer program. This is the first time in history you can damage something and engage in massive monetization of your own rarity, creativity, and uniqueness. The integrated NFT design lab, Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 7 (UNI), Global Animation Major Toonz Media Group & GuardianAn award winning NFT design lab is venturing into the NFT space with a first of its kind NFT design lab. Dedicated to the creative community are devoted to us. John Kohl, who cofounded TuneGo, claims that it is the world’s most robust platform for content security and creative rights protection. The flow blockchain is the world’s foremost blockchain for NFTs. No one can match the seamless integration of our platform across the entire supply chain of music, art, and entertainment.



NFTLabs and TuneGONFT:

NFTLabs will specialize in both creative and technological aspects of NFT generation, including conceptualization in partnership with GuardianLink. The NFT Lab will provide programming involving more than 1000 designers and technologists from Europe and Asia as well as creative storyboarding and conceptualization services,The lab will offer top tier IP partnerships for television and movie properties, games and metaverses as well. It said the NFT Framework will be designed and generated randomly using smart contracts on Ethereum, Polygon, or Solano blockchains. GuardianLink provides a branded marketplace and launch pads for creators, brands, athletes, and celebrities. Non Fungible Tokens are cryptography based digital certificates certified by other companies with unique, not interchangeable, features. NFT is the beginning of the revolution.  Gaming, media, release and many other segments of the industry are touched. In addition to this, accepting payments will be much more widely distributed across the globe through the Guardian platform. The company Toonz will provide NFTLabs, an integrated service for artists, creators, collectors, athletes and brands to create curatedThe emergence of NFTs is perhaps the biggest disruption that has occurred in the art world in recent history.  They are changing the way we perceive theThe programme includes Jayakumar, chief executive officer of the Toonz Media Group. The largest NFT and the first ever NFT, will make a huge impact in this space. Toonz NFT Laboratories will focus on both creativity and technology in NFT generation. NFT lab will offer over 1000 designers and technologists from Europe and Asia. NFT Lab offers a large number of IP partnerships with television properties, movies, games, and metaverses. Developed using the most advanced technologies such as the somorphic NFT Framework. TuneGONFT provides an ultimate solution for managing song splits for music artists and the creative community as it guarantees maximum transparency for revenue and royalty collectionThe way we interact with our digital world is changing, said Mickey Maher, Head of Flow Partnerships, Dapper Lab. Our partnership with TuneGO empowers the creative community to harness blockchain to transform how they create and consume content while protecting what they own and market. TuneGONFT allows for ten owners of artistic rights for each individual song. All copyright owners, songwriters, and publishers must review and approve the creative rights before the minting of the NFT. The average hit song today has at least ten unique owners for each song. It will be the world’s first ‘utility token’ drop, which we specifically curated and which uses Carbon Offset. People from diverse backgrounds, from traditional investment banking to entertainment, are enthusiastic to be overseeing this new venture combining art, technology and functionality. Some of music history’s biggest names have been worked by NFTU as well.  Eddie Kramer – legendary music producer who has worked with someTim Searle has produced a huge variety of comedy over his career including the acclaimed twod TV series Baby Cow. Tim has worked for Tiger Aspect Productions, Beano Studios, CBBC and most recently as Creative Consultant at Aardman Animations. Nunan and Cartwright is a threegeneration family of independent artists. They began the Nunan Cartwright Studios forty years ago.



The Distance Is Five Meters:

NFTs can represent any kind of digital file, including photographs, videos, audio, etc. The statement added that digital artwork, collectibles, ingame assets, memes, etc.  are now widely used to purchase and validate ownership of digitalActivation to passive participation. GuardianLink, the right technology partner for this venture is very happy for us, who have already launched more than 45 NFT marketplaces on their own. NFT is a creative and technological process that involves concepts, development, character design, modelling, and asset design. Over 1,000 designers and technologists from Europe and Asia will be offered by the NFT lab. Although they are currently in existence since 2012, their popularity began to grow in early 2021.  Assets such as Beeple’s digital artwork ‘The distance is five meters. Artists are empowering artists and creators by eliminating middlemen, providing direct access to buyers and fans and more importantly through resale. The software was switched from active to passive. Alternatively, you could contact TuneGo at [email protected]. A free download is available in the App Store.  It uses cutting edge technology, which has over 100 patentsDapper Labs’ blockchain technology brings new forms of digital engagement to fans around the world. After it was founded in 2018, consumers have been given a real stake in the game by it. Adam is a Cyber Security Professional and a proven team member.  He is currently Head of Cyber Security Advisory at The Post Office.