NFTically Launches in Asia


NFT raised money from a nonfungible token marketplace. NFTically is a unique global marketplace for nonfungible tokens, including mint, buy or sell. Polygon Matic, along with the CEO Jayanti Kanani, have provided funding. Within the next three months, 1000 multidisciplinary artists and content creators have also been added. Polygon has announced an investment in Colexion, the largest NFTs marketplace in Asia. Polygon has a vast presence in the cryptographic ecosystem.  It will be deployed by Polygon. I was able to communicate with Abhay Aggarwal, the cofounder & CEO regarding the investment. In India, users will be enabled by this move from the NFT ecosystem. A seed funding of under one million dollars was received from an investor group including Nazara Games executive Nitish Mittersain, UnacadeThere will be funds for staffing, marketing, and product development. Clients can build their own white label stores and marketplaces, while other clients can add gaming and digital asset monetization capabilities to their existing websites.



NFT Platform – Blockchain Platform:

The active to passive.  The platform was set up by Toshendra Sharma.  He said that the intent is to empower users with the optimum use of NFT and BlockchainNFTs are unique virtual tokens on the Blockchain infrastructure that represent ownership, proof of existence, and allow traceability or ownership of any digital document. A physical or digital item, such as artwork, soundtrack, collectible, ingame item, domain names, photos. We are revolutionizing the NFT space, by making it accessible to everybody from celebrities to influencers to artists and enterprises. I want to connect people with their favourite collectibles by focusing on NFT awareness and the platform’s user experience. The platform has benefits such as theft and forge, free trade experiences, highly advanced dashboards and tools for NFT exchanges, and is trusted,The multiple needs of developers will be addressed by it by providing tools to create scalable, decentralized applications, focus on the performance of the platform and userSandeep Nailwal, cofounder and chief operating officer, said the main purpose of the investment is to bring transformation in the NFT marketplace. Polygon provides a strong foundation to ensure the security and ownership of non-fungible digital tokens.  Colexion is aiming to promoteLaunching a premium NFT marketplace in the sports, entertainment, art, and lifestyle category is already making a buzz. It is a promise for sports federations, Bollywood movie studios and corporate India to adopt this in the coming months and added it remains keen toWe are very pleased with the confidence in NFTically demonstrated by our investors. Celebrities, content creators, artists, influencers, and gamers are increasingly looking to monetize their digital assets. Executives reflect the value they have for their business. We aimed to allow anyone to create wealth quickly through launching their own NFT marketplace worldwide. NFTs are still in the formative years, but constant innovation is seen by the expansive and bustling NFT ecosystem. In the near future, Creago advisor representative Jitendra Tatiya is expected to make more fundraising announcementsWe are enthused by the interest of global investors.



NFTically Supports Cryptocurrencies:

It can vary from active to passive. In order to support cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, SmartChain, etc. , NFTically has support for CryptoJayanti Kanani of Polygon Matic said the NFT market maturity is one of the most exciting developments that we have had. A high growth area is likely to be banked upon by both investors and artists because it is a high growth area. The Indian company is growing with its wide range of deliverables and easy to handle products that are offered to the developers. As an example, its infrastructure solutions include sidechains, hybrid solutions, standalone, enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and security assets. Polygons solve a lot of the problems associated with blockchain technology. The press release was courtesy of the Company. Big investment is absorbed by NFTically for market penetration. We are already working on raising a larger PRA round in order to help expand our business footprint.