NFTically Launched Today


NFTically raises under $1 million in a seed round led by marquee investors. accompanied by a group of international investors. NFTically will invest the additional funds towards proactive and proactivity operations within three months of its launch. The cost of white label NFT stores is under one million dollars according to the seed round, according to a SaaS business. Participation of Nitish Mittersain of Nazara Games Gaurav Munjal, cofounder of Unacademy, SushiThe funds will be used by the company towards operations such as team building, marketing, and enhanced product development. Also, read Tech Newsletter of the Day.  Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were offline for six hours on Monday. This week was only the second worst thing to happen to the social media behemoth. NFTically is a world first of a kind marketplace that allows nonfungible tokens to be purchased or sold. Jayanti Kanani is the CEO of Polygon Matic. NFTically, a first of a kind global NFT marketplace, was launched today. There is a fund for the seed funding, provided by Polygon Matic, and some other people. As a result, content creators are able to launch their own NFT store or marketplace via their domain name. 1 000 artists and content creators are on track in the next three months.



NFTically – Celebrities, Content Creators, Artists, and Influencers Create Value for Their Business:

Toshendra Sharma, the founder and CEO of NFTically, said today not only celebrities, but content creators, artists, and influencerExecutors create value for their business. We wish everyone the ability to create wealth rapidly and effectively using NFT as their NFT marketplace. Users and organisations from nontechnical backgrounds are able to launch their own white label NFT marketplace or store to mint, sell, and buy nonSports Federations, Bollywood Movie Studios, and Corporate India see immense promise for the coming months and remain keen to offer thisIt allows the sale of digital assets on any existing website and has a focus on catering to gaming. The success received by enterprises, celebrities, and influencers will be further boosted by NFTically by monetising through their stores. Users and organisations from nontechnical backgrounds are allowed to launch their own white label NFT marketplace or store to mint, sell, and store. Celebrities, content creators, artists, influencers, and gamers are looking to monetize their digital assets more than ever. Executives see how NFTs create value for their businesses. Our goal is to empower everyone to create wealth with ease by launching their own NFT marketplace on a global stage. The NFTically founder and CEO, Toshendra Sharma issued a statement. Within the next three months, it will be able to screen 1000 multidisciplinary artists and content creators. The platform was created by Toshendra Sharma.  Sharma says the intention is to empower users with the optimum use of NFT and Blockchain technology. NFTs represent ownership, proof of existence, and allows traceability of any digital or nondigital item. An artwork, soundtrack, collectible, or even an ingame item can be traced by it. We are revolutionizing the space by celebrities, influencers, artists, and enterprises who perform our mission. The platform has a clear focus on NFT awareness.  The platform also has a user experience designed to connect people with their favourite collectibles. India can continue to progress in the NFT market, given our relation with art, culture, and emotion. The company will also invest in the initiative of NFT education and awareness among the users. In a digital world, copyright issues are solved by NFTs. Tokens are unique virtual tokens on Blockchain Infrastructure that represent ownership and proof of existence.  They allow traceability or ownership of any digital or nondigitIt is a physical or digital item.  Examples of such items are artwork, soundtrack, collectibles, or in game items. NFTically will provide free minting of artworks on its platform and the industry lowest fee is provided by NFTically. A 5% percentage on sales occurring in the artists own store and marketplace and a 2% percentage from sales occurring in the other. For the sale on the NFTically Marketplace, a fee of 5% will be charged.



NFTically aims to simplify the NFT Ecosystem:

Despite the increasing interest of Millennials and Gen Z in the digital assets segment, the platform aims to work towards building NFT education andStay informed and receive stories of innovative innovators and change makers from the startup ecosystem in your inbox.  Please fill in this fieldThere was something wrong with #errorerror error. You have successfully registered for our daily newsletter. It aims to simplify the NFT ecosystem and allows users to create a marketplace, allowing them to park the NFT marketplace under their domain namesCelebrities, influencers, gamers, clubs and enterprises can be launched by NFTically. The company stated it is similar to Shopify for NFTs. The options available range from active to passive. Trading and minting in Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, and SmartChain is currently supported by NFTically. NFT Market Maturity is one of the most exciting developments that we have witnessed in the Blockchain domain in recent times. Performing artists, as well as investors, will want to invest in the area as it continues to grow. In the coming months, funds will be used for strengthening the product and growing the customer base. NFT market maturity is one of the most exciting developments that we have witnessed in the blockchain domain in recent times. High growth areas will remain, being backed on by both artists and investors. NFTically is determined to give its vision and mission the right boost.