NFTically Fundraises Initial Seed Funding


Start a rock star program for 2021, sign up for NFTically. Polygon Matic’s CEO Jayanti Kanani and other investors have raised the funding through the platform. Polygon, a leading platform for the scaling of Ethereum and digital infrastructure development, announced an investment in Colexion. Polygon will implement many of its digital tools in India, thereby increasing NFT adoption. DraftKings signed a strategic partnership with Polygon, an infrastructure developer for the Ethereum blockchain. Polygons network will expand draftkings marketplace to support blockchain technology. The company, NFT Marketplace creator, a B2B SaaS provider, has confirmed that they will need a small amount of seed fundingThe funds are earmarked for staffing, marketing, and product development. NFTically raised initial seed funds from Polygon Matic’s CEO Jayanti Kanani and other people. In addition, it went live with its marketplace and B2B SaaS to launch a white label NFT Store and Marketplace. The funds will be used to reinforce its product and grow its customer base.



NFTically is a Shopify Platform for NFTs:

The intention is to empower users with the best use of NFT and Blockchain.  It was set up by Toshendra Sharma. In a blockchain, unique virtual tokens are represented by NFTs, proof of existence, and allow for traceability and ownership of digital possession. An artwork, soundtrack, collectible, an in-game item, domain names, or photos may all be physical or digital. NFT is revolutionized by our mission.  Our mission is to make it accessible to everyone including celebrities, influencers, artists and more. Our objective is to connect people with their favorite collectibles, but with a clear focus on NFT and the platform’s user experience. Every day, India can be the epicenter of the NFT uprising. Through NFTically, any number of NFT marketplaces can be launched by anyone. A secure platform that allows artists to collaborate and earn free trade experiences, dashboards and tools for NFT exchanges, and a safe platform for forIt will allow developers to address the varied needs of developers, such as creating scalable decentralized applications and optimizing the platform performance. Sandeep Nailwal, cofounder and chief operations officer, stated that the major purpose of this investment is to bring transformation to the NFT marketplace. Polygon aims to guarantee the security and ownership transparency of nonfungible digital tokens while Colex guarantees the value it deserves. There’s already a lot of excitement about the launch of a premium NFT marketplace in the sports, entertainment, and art industries. It remains a critical challenge for blockchain technology to scale and sustain its use today, as we lay the groundwork for the vision of DraftKingsDraftKings has the option to be a validator for the Polygon Blockchain.  This would allow DraftKings to create blocks. This is being praised by the company for its immense promise for sports federations, Bollywood movie studios and corporate India to adopt in the coming monthsNFTically founder and CEO, Toshendra Sharma says that their investors are proof of their faith. Today, celebrities, content creators, artists, influencers, gamers and more than ever are looking to monetize their digital digital assets. Executives see how NFTs create value for their business. Our goal is to enable everyone to create wealth with ease by launching their own NFT marketplace on a global stage. It was observed that NFTs are still in their infancy, but there is a steady stream of innovation in the expansive NFT ecosystem. NFTically was designed by Toshendra Sharma to be a shopify platform for NFTs. Its purpose is to enable users to gain maximum use of NFT and Blockchain. In the initiative of NFT education and awareness among the users will also be invested by the company. How it functions. Your wallet is set to use by you and links it to NFTically 2. Create a collection and add social links, a description, profile and banner images. Your images, videos, audio, and 3D art are uploaded and created by you. NFTs buy new coins for your art.



Blockchain Market Maturity in LnFT:

NFTically supports trading and minting in Ethereum, Polygon, Binance and SmartChain. One of the most exciting developments that we have witnessed in the Blockchain domain in recent times. An area that is likely to see a high amount of growth is very likely to be enjoyed by artists and investors. It is growing by offering a large variety of deliverables, and simple to use products that are offered to the developers. Infrastructure solutions include sidechains, hybrid solutions, standalone, enterprise chains, data availability solutions, security assets, and many more. Polygon solves the primary issues of blockchain technology. This is a press release issued by the company. An event is made by a NBB journalist. NFTs will eventually be allowed by Draftkings on Ethereum Mainnet to be transferred by its collectors to their own digital wallets. The range of activity is from active to passive. Large investments can be absorbed NFTically. We are raising a larger amount from a preseries A round that will expand the business footprint. NFTically aims to work towards building user education and awareness projects while enabling them to reap optimal benefits of NFTs at the time. Recently, the company announced it sold the first NFT from Bollywood at six times the expected price. Through NFTically, anyone can launch any number of NFT marketplaces and achieve the right value of their creation. The blockchain market maturity in LnFT is one of the most exciting developments that we have witnessed in recent times.