NFT SuperRare Set a New Monthly Record of $ 31


SuperRare set a new monthly record for trading volume with almost a week left in October. Almost half of the monthly total is made up by starrynightcapital’s splashy purchases. SuperRare is an Ethereum NFT marketplace, focusing on single-edition digital artwork, and posted its best month of total sales volume. I think it’s S. The NFT SuperRare market set a new monthly record of $ 31. There is only one week left before the end of October to sell. There is a unique NFT Ethereum marketplace which allows collectors to purchase digital items such as memes, videos, or artwork. The monthly sales record had a total of $29, previously. NFT SuperRare set a new monthly record of $31. Dune Analytics had sales of over 4 million dollars, with a week left until October. The NFT marketplace uses the Ethereum blockchain title system to buy digital items such as memes and videos. NFT marketplace SuperRare established a new monthly record of $31. It is four million in total sales volume with just one week remaining until the end of October, according to Dune Analytics. The SuperRare marketplace allows people to purchase an Ethereum deed of ownership through Blockchain. The monthly sales record had a revenue of $29 previously. Cryptocurrency data was last updated 3 hours ago.



372 Active Collectors Buying 726 Items in March:

I could buy one Ether for around $50,000. It is the highest level it has ever been, and more than double the average ETH level from March. A deed of ownership for a digital item, is essentially a deed of ownership for a digital item. Ethereum and the entire NFT market generate $10According to data from DappRadar, trading volume reached 67 billion for Q3. Fastly half of SuperRare’s trading volume alone has contributed nearly half of the total trading volume since October. Top NFTs, which are expected to be appreciated by the investment fund, have been amassing by the investment fund. Starry Night has made numerous extravagant purchases since announcing its presence. At the time of purchase, 66 million were transferred from active to passive. The average price of artwork ranged from three to three. I would rate it from 0 to 5. Five Ether, or about 12600 to 23,000 dollars. More than half as many active collectors were buying in the market this month than in March. The current month has witnessed 372 active collectors buying 726 items valued between 9 and 8. Between the ages of five and twelve. The cost would be approximately 40,000 to 51,000. Collectors from SuperRare typically purchase a smaller quantity of coins. They are spending a significant amount of money on expensive items. Buyers accounted for almost half of SuperRare’s total trading volume in October. The previous monthly sales record of $29, was set. 5 million works of art were purchased by 929 active collectors in March, with 3179 artworks purchased by 5 million. Generally, art work costs between three and three dollars. The numbers 0 and 5 are owned by the community. Five ethers, or roughly $ 12,600 to $ 23,000.  They are transferred Active to Passive. There are only half as many collectors that bought in March due to higher sales. 372 collectors were active that month, who purchased 726 items valued between 9 and 9. The range is between three and was determined by the average artwork price. There are two numbers, 0 and 5. Five Ether is approximately $12,600 to $23,000. SuperRare has reached half as many active collectors purchasing on the marketplace as it did in March. There have been 372 active collectors bought so far this month.  There have been 726 items with value ranging from nine to eight. For some reason, the numbers 5, and 12 did not appear to be carried by a transportation of the grade Active to Passive. 2 Ether, or about 40 000 to 51 000 dollars. In addition, fewer pieces are being purchased by collectors at SuperRare. But those who do are tend to spend more money on oversized items. It is a total of 4 million to date in terms of total sales volume, with the week remaining until the end of October, according to DuneCollectors buy digital items such as memes, videos or artworks in a single-edition NFT marketplace.



XCOPY Coin – “Dankrupt” on SuperRare for $ 1:

It is the transition from active to passive. SuperRare has brought some love to that market. While more in avatar collections and other larger sets are traded more in avatar collections and other larger sets, SuperRare’s increasing volume and surging volumeTo date, there have been approximately 1,600 artists, with 4,000 collectors. Over the weekend, “Dankrupt” was purchased by them for 469 ETC from artist XCOPY on SuperRare for $ 1This is approximately 9 million. Snoop Dogg also purchased an XCOPY coin in late September for a record 1,300 ETH, or $ 3. The total is nine million. The act was passed by us. Between five and twelve. Two ethers, which is about 40,000 to $51,000, are then transferred by ethers. Collectors are purchasing less and less pieces from SuperRare. Despite its popularity, people have spent more money on large items. The activity is carried out by Deputyly by a party. XCOPY purchased the song ‘Dankrupt’, and it cost 469 ETH or $1. 9 million is a big amount. A piece from the movie Xcopy was purchased by Snoop Dogg for a recordbreaking 1300 Ethereum, which is about three dollars. Nine million people.  It’s a story on Coin Telegraph.  ‘SuperRare’ has fewer buyers but they purchase more expensive NFTs.