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Automation is the new approach to data analytics and the music distribution system is on the rise, with the name HASSELT, LIMBUR. PlayTreks is a music data analytics platform that provides powerful insights and tracking. A blockchain-based music distribution service is very much needed in today’s music market considering its huge potential and the current problems that plague the entire cycle. This collection consists of four NFTs Carbon Dome, Mars Water, Mercury Bath, and Tritium Lunch. Each piece represents a 3D artwork created personally by Eva. They provide visuals accompanied by original music that experiences a dimension unique from our own reality. Carbon Dome is a new Ft that features Eva’s selfie in a selfdesigned balaclava with a chain. The collection includes four NFTs – Carbon Dome, Mars Water, Mercury Bath, and Tritium Lunch. Each piece features an animated 3D artwork created personally by Eva. Using their own original music, they immerse the observer in a universe beyond our reality is incongruous by the visuals. A starting price of $1,000 will be auctioned off. An exclusive NFT collection from XXXTentacion is debuting its marketplace from YellowHeart, the NFT marketplace for. The awardwinning artist showcased new content from XXTentacion’s Revenge tour. The open edition NFT drop will begin on Monday, May 10, and ends on Saturday, May 15. Yellowheart paid tribute to his life and legacy as an artist within the larger hip hop movement.



NFT Stars is a New Multi-Channel NFT Marketplace:

Considering the incredibly high rate of growth since it went live in January 2021, we know we are on the right track, and the overall propositionBlockchain helps provide the industry with the required transparency and ensures artists and those involved in creating music get the most out of it. Artists strive to empower artists, and create a better environment for creators. An enhancement will include a data driven option. We’re never driven by data, not only streaming or social media data, but metadata, such as an International Performer Number, a uniqueWe are driven by data and it is not just the music release that can be held in the blockchain. The event will be held for 24 hours. The buyer will receive the art piece, the physical balaclava signed by the artist, and a chance to meet Eva Shaw via Zoom. Other works will be sold in drop format 20 replica copies, for $150 each. The drop will be final when all the copies are sold. NFT Stars possesses an unprecedented set of products and services that have been accumulated from the multichain marketplace NFT. The marketplace is selective about artists and each creator featured on NFT Stars was either selected by the executive board or voted for. Artists receive special treatment and enjoy NFT minting. NFTs are minted at the time of sale and the gas costs for the minting process are paid by the purchaser. The event will last for 24 hours. The art piece will be received by the buyer, and include a physical balaclava signed by the artist, along with a chance to meetWeitere works will be sold in drops of twenty copies for $150 a piece. The drop will stop when all of the copies are sold. STARS is a new multi-chain NFT marketplace that has accumulated a unique set of products and services relevant to artists. The marketplace adopts a selective approach when it comes to artists.  Every creator featured on NFT Stars was either selected by the executive board orArtists receive special treatment in return, as well as free NFT minting. Exclusive footage from XXTentacion’s Revenge tour in 2017 would otherwise have been available to his fans. The cover artwork for tracks released within the collection are designed by Stephen Bliss, the iconic artist and illustrator behind Grand Theft Auto artwork. The proceeds from the collection will be donated by Yellow Heart to the XXXFoundation, a non profit organization and the rapper’The Helping Hand Challenge aims to support children in foster care while XXTentacion was still alive. Solomon and Bernard expanded the nonprofit after the rapper’s passing.  They believe it is to honor his passion for charity work. It has been a massive gold rush over the past several months, with almost daily companies in the space are launched by new companies in the space.



PlayTreks is a team of passionate, energetic, and committed to becoming a household name in music:

Between active and passive. They are either active to passive. It is between active and passive. I have mentioned above to name just a few examples. PlayTreks is a team of passionate, energetic, unique people, and committed to becoming a household name in music. PlayTreks’ data analytics services can assist with identifying potential trends, improving efficiency, and extending reach and much more. The platform is powered by AR technology and allows them to host exhibitions. NFT Stars allows a group to create their NFTs together and then to own them together. The NFT features pricing scanners, a 24/7 NFT radio station, fractional NFT trading, and a lot more. The photo is from the source NFT Stars. The platform offers a chance to host their exhibitions in a personal gallery powered by AR technology. Collective NFT ownership also allows collective NFT ownership. There will be a NFT Pricing Scanner, 24/7 NFT radio station, fractional NFT trading and more in the futurePhoto is supplied by SOURCE NFT Stars. I am partnering with XXTentacion’s team for this project, to honor his footprint on the history of the company. The most important thing for me is growing and protecting his legacy since X passed. It is great to have the opportunity to expand the X legacy into the digital space where it can be shared and treasured by current and future generations.