NFT headlines this past week


Social media platforms turned the dial up on NFTs this past week. TikTok and Twitter have caught on to NFT issues as they plan on incorporating NFTs into their businesses. In the meantime, Dogecoin co-founder suggests NFTs may be a solution, and Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney suggestsThat week is an action packed one, as you find NFT headlines all over again. Social media platforms turned dial up on NFTs this past weekNFT communities received some attention from TikTok and Twitter as they adopted a more comprehensive approach to NFT. The company has not yet taken on NFTs, but NFTs could provide an alternative.  Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney is not yetWe’re in a week filled with action and NFT headlines. It was a long week for NFTs, as it was felt. Dapper Labs raised an ample amount of discussion about possible hackers.  An agency deal was signed by a Bored Ape. Like always, a look back at the last seven days of activity around NFTs, is taking place around NFTs. Dig in. Social media platforms have turned the dial on NFTs this past weekTikTok has made attention available to NFT communities as well. Disclaimer: This can be found at the bottom of the article, although the views of the Videos are only their ownIt simply gives them the opportunity to help you inform yourself about your health.



Rainbows and Sun Don’t Always Affect a Rugpull:

Recent days, a Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge could be two major catalysts that could help the meme token’s success. The token is put by volume and dropping prices.  It falls out of the top ten. Rainbows and sun don’t always appear in a Rugpull from a Solana-based project. Seventeen year old 3D artist pre-sold 2,000 NFTs at 0The song, ‘5, Sold. ‘There was no proof of that, but over $100K worth of SOL was rugged by the project. The artist did not deliver the artwork, and his Twitter account disappeared. There have been no subsequent announcements from the project’s Discord channel. According to reports, the money taken from the pre-sale has been spread across multiple accounts. Recent days, the meme token’s future could be helped by a NFT compatibility, and a Dogecoin-E token. The token is at risk because doge volume and declining prices have left them falling out of the top 10. A Solana-based project said the Rugpull is not always sunshine and rainbows. A 17 year old artist presold 2,000 NFTs and it was reportedly owned by the artist. SOL. There was nothing to show for it.  More than a hundred thousand dollars worth of SO were destroyed by the project. The artwork that was promised was not delivered and the artist’s twitter account disappeared. There have been no further announcements made on the project’s Discord channel. According to reports, the amount taken from the presale has been spread across multiple accounts. Dapper Labs has raised another $250M in just the last week. The funding round was led by Coatue, with new investors in the round including Bond and GIC. More than $7 is valued based on the amount of funding. I would call it 5B. The street was tense by a formal press release about the partnership Dapper has with the La Liga Soccer League. The first reports of Dapper’s partnership with LaLiga were reported from we about a month ago. Time Magazine NFTs were the latest traditional media publication to dig deeper with NFTs this week with their latest NFT project, TIM. Substantial scrutiny was received by just under 5K NFTs. In the meantime, Dogecoin’s cofounder suggests that NFTs might be a solution, and Epic Games CEO Tim SweeAnother action packed week of NFT headlines. Investigate the events of the past seven days in the world of non-fungible tokens. Vaccines are something President Trump was working on, and we politicians were ridiculed, including Joe Biden. It would take 5 years to perfect it through trials, but now it is pushing the same vaccine on the population to the point of violating your civil rightsIt appears that I went to bed one day in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave before waking up in Nazi Germany. Reading the videos, and then making your own decision about your health, without threats.



NFTs Have Tie Over The Video Game Landscape:

Solana, Polygon, and Flow are a few blockchains that have made significant strides to be major players in the NFT. Epic Games has created a number of legendary games such as Fortnite and Rocket League. NFTs often have ties over the video game landscape due to the concept of digital ownership that is inherent with it. Ripple will be the next to have a name for themselves with creators of crypto. Epic Games has created several titles such as Fortnite and Rocket League. Many NFTs have ties over the video game landscape. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney tweeted that NFTs are not touching by Epic.  He cited too many scams in the space. I have great respect for people who create NFTs with great intentions. Dapper Labs was not the only NFT firm that raised money this past week. The French startup Sorare raised $680M in its Series B round.  This puts the company’s valuation around $4 million. From active to passiveSorare has built a fantasy soccer platform with roughly 180 club partners to date. The Nutshell has already noticed some of the developments. Ours. Well, tell them that when you openly resist or get the jab, it is your life. Publius Jr. Science five hours ago.