NFT headlines – Another action packed week of headlines


Social media platforms turned the dial up on NFTs this past week. Several platforms have attempted to include NFTs in their respective communities.  TikTok has been gaining attention. In addition, Dogecoin’s cofounder suggests NFTs could be a solution, and Epic Games’ CEO Tim SweeneyThere will be more action packed NFT headlines this week. Social media platforms turned the dial up on NFTs this past week. TikTok and Twitter have both taken measures to ingrain NFT communities into their platforms. In the meantime, the cofounder of Petecoin suggests that NFTs may be a solution and Epic Games CEO Tim SweeneyIn fact, another action packed week of NFT headlines is taken by it. A long week for NFTs. There was an abundance of conversation about potential hackers and an agency deal was signed by a Bored Ape. As usual, we are taking a look back at the last seven days of activity around NFTs. Let us dig in. Snoop Dogg is a strange collector of NFTs. It was quite a week for Snoop Dogg. In general, they are as bullish on NFTs as the rest of us do not seem to be bullish on NFTs. Bank of America puts a bright future ahead. The most recent method for blockchain, is Oracle Network, the Bitcoinist, which was developed by QED Protocol. It is a new way for society to store culture, said Animoca Brands CEO Cointelegraph.



The Meme Token Could Be the Catalyst to Help the Meme Token Grow:

The meme token could be the catalyst to help the meme token growThe token is at risk due to declining volumes and falling prices due to the token falling out of the top tenRugpull representing sunshine and rainbows is an initiative of a Solana based project. One 17 year old 3D artist presold two thousand NFTs at a mere 0. I would give you a five. There was nothing to show for it.  Over a $100K worth of SOL was ruggeded by the project. The artist’s Twitter account disappeared after a promise for artwork was not delivered. Henceforth, the project’s Discord channel made an announcement. According to reports, the funds taken from the presale are distributed across multiple accounts. Recent recent trends in NFT compatibility, and a dogecoin Ethereum bridge, could be the major catalysts that could help the meme-The token has been at risk at falling out of the top 10 because of the volume and declining prices of the token. Rugpull is a project based in Solana that has not always had sunshine and rainbows. Apparently a 17 yearold was able to presell 2,000 NFTs. The answer is five. The project produced a hefty version of SOL worth over $100K, it had little evidence of its performance. The artist’s Twitter account disappeared after the artwork was promised and it was not delivered. No subsequently announced announcements were made via the project’s Discord channel. Dapper Labs is raising another $250M this week. The round of funding led by Coatue, with new investors included Bond and GIC. The firm is valued by the funding at more than $7. 5B is accompanied by 5B also. A formal press release about Dapper’s partnership with soccer league LaLiga also got on the streets. One month ago, when first reports first appeared, the situation was covered by Dapper’s partnership with LaLigaTime Magazine has found a new way to talk to NFTs in traditional media. At least one hundred ninetysix NFTs were received in substantial scrutiny, as all of them passed within a few seconds, leaving manyGas prices were hitting insane highs which reached around 9,000 gwei at one point. The NFT market has officially exceeded its original goal of $10 billion. A week in NFTS feels as if it moves at a million miles an hour. It is just another week of fun and games with million dollar JPEGs. As the final quarter of the year commences, let us review all of the biggest action in the past seven days of NFTs. Don’t worry, you’re still an eleven dimensional market. Com has reached its highest level since 2016Moneygram has joined forces with the Stellar Development Foundation to allow users to send remittances using USD coins. That is a bitcoin. Com has received a response from the stablecoin issuer Blockchain.



Fortnite and Rocket League are Legend Games created by Epic Games:

Ripple has created a name for themselves with creators in crypto. Fortnite and Rocket League are both legend games created by Epic Games over the years. As major players in the NFT space, would be made by Ripple. Epic has created some legend games over the years, such as Fortnite and Rocket League. NFTs frequently have ties over the video game landscape, due mostly to the concept of digital ownership, which inherently comes into play. Those who created the NFT with good intentions set a high standard for respect. Sorare is not the only NFT firm who has raised money this past weekIn its Series B round, Sorare raised 680 million, a number that puts its valuation around $4 million. 3B is supplied by 3B. Sorare built a fantasy soccer platform with roughly 180 club partners to date. Messari Crypto has surpassed a $10 billion market for NTFTs. As it should have been expected, Ethereum is the market leader with over $6B in secondary sales. However, I believe. . . The news newspaper News Globetrotting Binance to Ireland looks at ‘centralized’ headquarters at Cointelegraph. Visit the website at com.