NFT Collectible Untitled_Shark Robot (Day)


At K11 musea, Hajime Sorayama unveiled his first limited edition NFT collection and is depicted as asIn collaboration with ArtAuthentification platform Zhen. It is the NFT Collectible that commissioned the world’s most secure art ownership authentication systemA permanent futuristic history, known for his hyperreal artworks, has always had a clear vision of what the future will bring. I suggest that you go to the original post to view all four images in the gallery. An electronic “Sorayama Shark” will impair your jaws. It is a collaboration between Hong Kong’s K11 Musea and the art authentication platform Zhen. He brought his hyperrealistic robotic shark to life in his Aquatic series over a decade ago. The first-in Asia showcase of Rose II (2007), by internationally acclaimed German sculptor Isa Genzken comes to your attention. According to a report published today by Protos, a magazine that specializes in cryptocurrency and blockchain, a 90% narrowing of its salesSales fell dramatically after the peak of last May 3 where sales of 102 million dollars were recorded within a single day.



The NFT Arts:

I have a vision for my work to be an inscription of a perpetual futuristic history. So, even if the work I created is annihilated, as long as the digital form survives, that is fine. The Shark originated from the artist’s aquatic series K11MUSEA. ZHEN has authenticated all of the NFT arts. At the beginning of creation.  Then dually protected by an embedded ZHEN. Security chip employed Near Field Communication (NFC) technology along with a corresponding ownership token. Their product will be scanned by the collector through the ZHEN system. It contains unique product attributes that can be searched by app and exclusive, such as ownership history, edition number, and product information. Authenticity is literally inseparable from the artwork itself. The first was Untitled_Shark Robot (Day), a 20second animation of Sorayama’s sharp-toothed characterThe piece will be sold by a 1,000 edition batch. The second Untitled_Shark Robot is a more rare collectible.  It is limited to 100 editions and priced at $3,700 each. The work included the surprise along with a physical trading card and is comprised of a sixtysecond animation. The Zhen exhibition will offer both pieces for sale via raffle open through October 22 to October 28. App. My aim is for my work to be a perpetual futuristic history, Sorayama stated of his entry into N. The signature artwork by that artist is a eight. The 5-metre tall monumental stemmed rose sprouts at the edge of Victoria Dockside, in full bloom against Hong Kong’s iconic skyline. In 2010, Stiff was shown at the Museum of Modern Art by Rose II for the first time in New York. A strange juxtaposition, like the blooming rose, is formed beside the soaring skyscrapers of cities such as New York and Hong KongIsa Genzken is a key figure in contemporary art. Four million dollars have been sold in NFT during the last week.  This is a disastrous implosion considering the 170 million dollars recorded in theHalf of the last week’s NFT market sales were collectible FT, which outpaced crypto art sales. I use active digital wallets. The answer is E.



Untitled Shark Robot and Untitled Shark Robot:

The first variation of ‘Untitled_Shark Robot’ is a 20 second animated movie limited to 1,000 unique editions and priced at $2Second variation is more rare 60 second animated, but limited to only 100 editions. The special collectible includes a special unlockable surprise, as well as a physical trading card with uniquely numbered editions. Both of them are very good, especially Untitled Shark Robot. One authentic Sorayama creation will be owned by the artist by his less affluent fans, much more affordable than the artist’sIt differs from Sorayama’s entry into the metaverse from the typical auction format of most blockchain-powered works. Her outdoor sculptures were an active part of exploring links between contemporary architecture and urban spaces. In 2007 they represented Germany at the 52nd Venice Biennale. It also fell from 12000 to 3900 in the last month, with a decisive overtaking of collectables, especially sports themed ones. NTTs have found applications in fashion with the authentication of products using the blockchain. The transition is from active to passive.