NFT BAZL Exhibit Kickstarts Gulf Blockchain Week


NFT initiatives continue to make headlines across the globe, contributing to a growing awareness of the digital asset class. NFT sales have jumped to 10 dollars, according to DappRadar. Seven billion were taken by seven billion in the third quarter of 2021, up from $3 billion in the previous quarter. In the second quarter, 1 billion were added to the second quarter. It is in Gibraltar, Oct. New NFT BAZL exhibition will kickstart Gulf Blockchain Week with a groundbreaking mural at DIFC and NFT-optimized TVsThere are no more neofavorable people to become a part of the relationship. That information is clear. JayZ uses the picture CryptoPunk in his profile. The Payments giant Visa entered its own $150,000 Punks purchase. Gibraltar, October. The latest NFC technology will start off with a groundbreaking mural at DIFC, NFT optimized TVs, and smart NFC technology. The NFTs are here to stay. That is quite obvious. Jay Z currently uses a CryptoPunk photo as his profile picture. September in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Blockchain firm, Wealth Management Platform Elitium, in partnership with GDA Capital and The Blockchain Firm announced another NFT Badl. The event is scheduled to take place on October 11-12, at the JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai. Investors, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts from the entire globe will be welcomed by it.



NFT BAZL Art Exhibit Miami:

This record allows a person to confirm the authenticity and ownership of an asset and creates further security. The NFT narrative has been subjected to tokenization by digital art.  Famous tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures have been subjected toIn a way that continues to create new digital applications, the real world integrations have started to emerge. NFT events such as NFT BAZL facilitate the exchange of modern art, jewelry, and other rare collectibles. NFT attendees in Miami saw an exhibit by NFT that contained more than 100 unique physical and digital works. Additionally, they included two exclusive Floyd Mayweather Jr. NFTs are up for bidThen NFT BAZL created a globally recognized brand.  Since then, its success continues to grow. The first took place in June at the Temple House, a prestigious Miami venue. During the inaugural event, attendees were treated to an NFT art collection that included over one hundred unique physical and digital works, which guests could buy inTwo exclusive NFTs offered by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr could be bided by them. The digital world continues to evolve.  We are confident that NFT BazL will become a staple in the art sector. Traditional investor and collectors are brought digital and physical art by us. This has played a critical part in our secret sauce, as have other world class artists. The platform Elitium is known as a blockchainbased wealth management platform and it is one of the NFT BAZL cohosts. The first took place in June at The Temple House, which is a prestigious Miami venueThe inaugural event was treated to an NFT art collection that included over one hundred unique physical and digital works that guests could buy in crypto or on card. Two exclusive NFTs were offered by Floyd Mayweather Jr. The digital world continues to evolve, and we are confident that NFT BAZL will become a staple in the art sector. It is digital and physical art that we bring to the traditional investor and collector. The participation of world class artists has been an indispensable component of our secret sauce. Elitium is a blockchain based wealth management platform.  It is one of the NFT BAZL cohosts. NFT has produced a physical exhibition for all to see and understand. The next iteration will be an exclusive NFT exhibition taking place during the Gulf Blockchain Week. Some of their top artists have been showcased by the world renowned Art Angels, further supporting the thesis that a significant impact is made by NI believe we are pushing the envelope for blockchain adoption together with Elitium and EO Art ConciergeThe confluence of physical art, jewelry, sports memorabilia, and digital assets pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Michael Gord is the CEO and co-founder of the GDA Group. Attendees will place their bids for on-site displays from famous artists as well as female Arab artists.



NFT BAZL – The Temple House, South Beach, June 2021:

At the event in Dubai each piece will enable proof of authenticity, ownership, and possession. The integration ensures that royalties on their digital and physical assets are received by NFT Bazal creators long into the future. All of the exhibition works will be available on its in-app NFT marketplace, which accepts credit card payments, bank transfers, or cryptocurrency. I witnessed in Miami that talented artists could utilize the technology to create amazing works, which we display at Dubai. They have the ability to play exciting times in art history. The Temple House at South Beach June 2021 Ori Ohayon is cofounder of NFT BAZL. The first NFT chips to be embedded into physical assets will be showcased in our Dubai show. We witnessed the use of technology to create amazing work in Miami, and I am looking forward to Dubai. Those are exciting times in art historyOri Ohayon, co founder of NFT BAZL, describes the company as “The Temple House, South Beach, June 2021The first ever NFT chips will be embedded into the physical assets. Visit for more information. GDA Capital is the capital markets arm of the GDA Group which is one of the most established blockchain firms in North America. It provides vertically integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and disruptive technology companies. If you need more information visit this link.