New Opportunities in the Art and Gaming Industry Created by NFT


MicroBuddiesTM is to receive a major patchwork update for the second round of beta testing and UUI upgrade in November in order to enhanceA newwIRE-based transfer were Active to Passive.  The date is 26, 2021.  Good Gaming, Inc. Good Gaming is pleased to confirm that MicroBuddiesTM will be expected to launch on the mainnet. MicroBuddiesTM to receive major patchwork update for second round of beta testing and UI/UE Upgrade in November to Enhance User Experience. Good Gaming, Inc. The official mainnet launch of MicroBuddiesTM will occur in the fourth quarter. The game is currently being patched up to prepare for a second round of beta testing and a new interface. This is a sponsored story. ‘Exhibit 99’Good Gaming, Inc. It was significant by completing its legal review for its game documentation for MicroBuddiesTMGood Gaming, Inc. Good Gaming, Inc.  announced that it will launch MicroBuddiesTM on Polygon Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, on September 23, 2021. The company’s CEO is David B. Dorwart has achieved a significant milestone by completing its legal review for the Company’s MicroBuddiesTM Game Documentation. The mainnet launch in Singapore takes place on the 20th October 2021 and it comes just weeks after MonoX raised $5 million to disrupt the traditional DeThe launch of its much anticipated mainnet with full swap and liquidity features on Ethereum and Polygon networks is thrilled. The mainnet achieved it’s goal of over a year of development and testing.



The Latest YouTube Video Guide for Playing MicrobuddiesTM:

Beta testers urged participants to review all of the gameplay in the latest YouTube video guide for playing our Beta format of MicrobuddiesTM. The company also noticed that Discord Community have grown 50 percent. On the MicroBuddiesTM Discord, a new leveling system for community members has been implemented. The Discord will be based upon a member’s participation and interaction on the Discord and allow for people to obtain valuable information and interaction. It is important that every player be invited to join the microBuddiesTM Discord community.  This allows a player to communicate with and have discussionNFT is creating huge new opportunities in the art and gaming industry. The latest YouTube video guide for playing the Beta format of MicrobuddiesTM covers all the gameplay in the beta and asks new participants to review. The Company has experienced significant growth in social media in the last 30 days. A new leveling system has been implemented for community members on the MicroBuddiesTM Discord. This leveling system will be based on a member’s participation and interaction on the Discord.  It will allow for people to obtain valuable informationThe Company encourages everyone to join the MicroBuddiesTM Discord community in order to communicate with other players, have robust discussions about gameplay, andThere are many new opportunities in the art and gaming industry created by NFT. Financial advice does not have to be presented by its content. Be aware that the value of an investment, and the earnings made from it, can fall as well as rise. Make sure that JavaScript and cookies are supported by your browser and that they are not blocked by you from loading. If you would like more information, we are happy to assist you. A side chain that will work in tandem with the main chain and improve its costs, speed, and capabilities is sought by this design. The roadmap includes an Ethereum bridge for secure storage of Buddies, as well as a tutorial for connecting to and using the Polygon blockchain next week. Douglas Adam Wathen, a good gaming director and Crypto, wrote, A few days after our Game Documentation was released. The information it gives regarding the game is useful to anyone who wants to understand MicroBuddies. The design of the game has been carefully altered to improve playability. The Game Documentation has submitted a legal review of the matter considering the regulatory scrutiny concerning digital assets. A limited amount of tokens have been delegated to the liquidity pool. In addition, the tokens on MonoX are found by Traders for much less money than the alternatives. The platform achieves lower trading fees by avoiding lengthy transaction paths, similar to AMMs. At the time of launch, the official liquidity pools were Ethereum, WBTC, USDC, USDT, and Ethereum. Alternatively, Live will be held by trustless Listing Pools at initial product launchTheir token is used in a permissionless manner by trustless pools. You determine the initial price and deposit liquidity for the token. Tokens are organized by it into a virtual pair with its own stablecoin, vCASH. A capital efficient solution to infuse liquidity to Value-Backed Tokens.



MonoX – The Most Capital Efficient Automated Market Maker in the DeFi Ecosystem:

A third of our proprietary content is expanded by constant communication and resulting feedback, and we continue to be influencers in the realm. Good Gaming continues to find innovative ways to broaden the gaming industry. We are committed to creating a fun and collaborative environment for all gamers. There are forwardlooking statements contained in this release. The constant communication and feedback helped us expand our content and have us become significant influencers. Good Gaming finds exciting, innovative ways to branch across the gaming industry. We want to be recognized as a fun, collaborative environment for all gamers to enjoy. Check out Safe Harbor’s website for more information about Good Gaming. If you are uncertain about the suitability of your investment, please seek advice. The creation of. We have a longstanding relationship with the player communities of our games.  This enables good gaming. The constant communication and feedback creates a further expansion of our proprietary content. Good Gaming continues to find exciting and innovative ways to branch across the gaming industry. It is our goal to place we as an enjoyable, collaborative place, for all gamers to enjoy. MonoX is the most capital efficient automated market maker (AMM) in the DeFi ecosystem. Developers, traders, and liquidity providers can be empowered by it to participate in an open, accessible and capital efficient marketplace. MonoX revolutionizes DeFi by fixing capital inefficiencies in the first generation protocol models.