Moments Launched by Jon Sofen and Phil Ivey


Jon Sofen and Phil Ivey launch the world’s first multiverse nonfungible tokenThe 10 time bracelet winner of the World Series of Poker tweeted a teaser about his newest business venture. A unique and noninterchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain is identified by a nonfungible token. NFTs can add historical moments recorded on video, pictures, pieces of art, and more. Moments brings the NFT world to a whole new level, the multiverse NFT. We will launch Moments with three incredible partners Phil Ivey, The Shoe Surgeon, and Sneaker Con as the first drop. That is what makes Moments so special and different. Las Vegas, Oct. Moments is a new frontier for the world’s first multiverse NFT, introduced by the latest Web3 marketplace player, Moments. It is Moments’ mission to preserve cultural defining moments by sharing them with modern and past icons on the blockchain. All of us are. Some believe the final shot in a bulls uniform to be uplifting and iconic. Think of the most intense poker bluff between poker legends Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.



Phil Ivey NFT Moment Auction:

Moments announced that an original NFT has been launched by Poker Hall of Famer. The idea behind Multiverse NFT is to offer them three dimensions to allow them to own an historical moment. For example, poker fans can own a piece of Phil Ivey’s legacy or have a chance to play against the Poker Legend. The highest bidder at First Dimension Auction last weekend will be able to own a hand played by Ivey and Tom Dwan. The highest bidder for the second dimension auction gets an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas. The highest bidder for the third dimension earned a limited edition The Surgeon X Phil Ivey Hybrid Sneaker. The sneakers can be worn both in metaverse and real life. The moment captures a high stakes poker battle between Phil and Tom Dwan, another legendary icon in the poker community. Poker has an essence symbolised by it.  Also, as an immortalized NFT it is a cultural heritage. Another legendary poker icon is made byThat is a symbol of the essence of poker.  Additionally, it is an immortalized Native American flag symbol of cultural heritage. The winner of this Phil Ivey NFT Moment auction will receive an all expenses paid luxury trip to Las Vegas, to meet and greet. A high stakes cash game involves poker and being played with in a high stakes cash game. The final dimension is a limited edition The Shoe Surgeon x Phil Ivey Hybrid Sneaker, tied to the shoe itself. The launch of Moments takes the world of NFTs to a new realm called the Multiverse NFT. Moments is very excited to launch with three incredible partners Phil Ivey, The Shoe Surgeon, and Sneaker Con as our first partners. Some of the greatest moments, are immortalized on the Blockchain, which connects celebrated Icons and events with collectors who want to own a pieceMoments, allows collectors to live a historical moment on three unique dimensions offered by each multiverse NFTPhil Ivey offers a truly innovative digital collectible that unlocks a multidimensional experience into his world. The key element of the product gives the product the idea of nonfungibility or digital scarcity and utility. Meysam Moradpour, the general manager of A5 Labs’ Innovation Lab, says culture’s most significant moments are curatedA costumed NFT party for the official unveiling of the Moments brand in Las Vegas has been planned as an inviteonly party. Moments platform has seen the evolution of NFTs. The collector is connected to the icon and offers once in a lifetime experiences beyond the ownership of digital memorabilia. Every historic moment is unique and there is only one NFT Moment created for that historic moment. The principle of exclusive ownership gives owners.  This means that the same Moment cannot be owned by anyone in the world.



Moment Brand Launched alongside NFT on October 28th:

Each card in the royal flush had five editions. The NFT was available for a cost of $199 in EERN to $4,000, with the ten card being the bestThe Poker Hall of Famer gave the honor to one of the most popular poker players in history. Visit moments. com to learn more about upcoming drops and moment information. Perhaps an auction for the English audience or moments?The cc should be for the Chinese audience. Moments is a premier curator and provider of iconic moments.  It was launched by the Silicon Valley-based A5 Labs in 2021. The Moment brand will be launched alongside this NFT on October 28th.  At an invite only NFT Halloween NFT Party sponsored by IntegralAttending guests in cooperation will receive an NFT free from Integral’s exclusive ‘DeFi Superheroes’ collection. Visit Moments.  For more information on upcoming drops, and more. It was an auction for an English audience. The cc is for the Chinese audience. How can I participate in the upcoming Phil Ivey’s NFT auction? It will officially drop on October 28th with bidding options availableThese platforms are automatically synced in real time. It is a collection of three separate NFTs with a special benefit.