Founder / CEO


“NOBORDER.z is a company, that based upon a concept of “Creating an exciting world with no border”, and combining the power of entertainment and next-generation new technologies got together, provides the great products that can contribute to the international users all over the world.

現在の世界は二極化が進み、各国が緊張の絶えない状況の中 地球規

私はエンターテイメントプロデューサーとして10年以上に渡り 世
while traveling around the world, I experienced the people are positively connected across races and borders, getting together and carrying out something, so feeling the best excitement and got so impressed, and also felt the next ideal form of this earth, so all of those things drove me motivated to let NOBORDER.z got founded.

We, NOBORDER.z are giving away awesome tools and stunning places that allow each one of the world people can get discovered, published and also shared the new values, the lifestyle, business-style and the play-styles generated by combining the entertainments motivating people’s mind making changes with many latest technologies like Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Blockchain, and AI that are being core technology to accelerate the coming Big Charge.


NOBORDERS Corporation (ノーボーダーズ)

500 7th Ave 8th floor New York, NY 10018
+1 302 261 3666



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