McDonald’s China Unveiled 188 NonFungible Tokens


McDonald’s China released a total of 188 nonfungible tokens, aptly named the Big Mac Rubik’s Cub. The digital assets were distributed to the company’s employees and customers as part of its giveaway event. McDonald’s China unveiled the Big Mac Rubik’s Cube NFTs, as per the Coin Telegraph. They are eight.  There are 188 of these. McDonald’s China released a set of 188 nonfungible tokens on Oct. To celebrate its 31st anniversary in the Chinese market. Employees and consumers will receive the NFTs as part of the giveaway. McDonald’s celebrated its 31st anniversary by gifting 188 nonfungible tokens in China. How smart money is playing the crypto game?You should subscribe to our premium newsletter Crypto Investor. During the expanding wave of the crypto ban, its first NonFungible Token is called Big Mac Rubik. It’s in lieu of recognizing McDonald’s 31st Anniversary on the Chinese mainland. In addition, according to the Burger franchise’s announcement, their NFT launch also marks the official opening of its new headquarters building on the West Bank.



Big Mac Rubik’s Cube NFTs:

The threedimensional structure of the restaurant chain’s office headquarters was based onThe distinctive colors of red, yellow and orange are represented by the NFT Rubik Cube design. New Building was inaugurated on the same day as the NFT’s release. The new nonfungible tokens were built on the Confluux public blockchain and created in collaboration with Cocafe a digital asset creation firm. Each of the NFTs are said to be unique and indivisible and cannot be tampered with by other NFTs. The McDonald’s china chief executive officer stated, ‘A young and trendy brand that always pays attention to fashion trends and cutting-edge technology. ‘McDonald’s officially announced the NFT. The new headquarters building, at McDonald’s China, is a brand new development of McDonald’s China. The Big Mac Rubik’s Cube NFTs are designed based on the threedimensional structure of McDonald’s China’s new productThe NFTs were created in partnership with Cocafe, a digital asset creation agency.  They were built on the Confluux public blockchain. CITIC Group, a state owned investment company in the People’s Republic of China, owns a majority stake in McDonald’s ChinaMcDonald’s China did not immediately respond to the request. Bitmain stopped a transit of Antminer crypto mining rigs into China, and appears to be in the market. More recently, the ban forced Bitmain, a crypto mining equipment manufacturer, to stop shipping Antminer mining rigs into China. On the occasion of the 8th anniversary, the Big Mac Rubik’s Cube was unveiled along with the 188 NFTs. The NFTs were created on the Conflux blockchain network in collaboration with Cocafe, a company that develops cryptocurrencies. Conflux called it the ultimate example of East meets West. The potential for three300 restaurants is huge.  China remains one of the McDonald’s largest markets and contains 1,500 more. In order to generate approximately a tenth of the franchises, the company relies on the Chinese market, which accounts for five percent of theThe recent ban on crypto and aggressive scrutiny of companies working in the crypto space is a curious one, that is discussed by China. The crypto exchange Huobi declared anyone in Chinese, in late September. The MacDonald’s is a young and fashionable brand.  It has always paid attention to fashion trends and cutting edge technology. I am very happy that NFT has been rereleased by McDonald’s. The new headquarters building is a brand new development of McDonald’s China. Milestones were created by them. Our innovation, digitalization and trend art is shared with employees and consumers at McDonald’s this moment. The transition between active and passive is indicated by Zhang Jiayin, the CEO of McDonald’s China. The campaign is being launched by McDonald’s competitor, Burger King, on the NFT marketplace, Sweet. The campaign organized Nelly, Anitta, and Lil Humdy in conjunction with celebrities. Food and beverage chains are blocking the internet because they want to gain the benefits.



China Ban on Cryptocurrency:

The availability of the digital asset simply goes against the territory’s intent to stop all crypto activities and operations. Bitmain has already stopped antminers customers in China. The sales of its machines were suspended in China by an announcement. After the China ban, the cryptocurrency exchange stopped registering new customers.  Everything will be shut down by the end of the year. Crypto and other tokens are consistently experiencing growth despite the resistance of China. The difficulty in mining bitcoin has recovered as Chinese miners moved to safer jurisdictions.  Similar, FTX relocated to the Bahamas from Hong Kong following news of China’s ban. McDonald’s is one of the few western companies to participate in China’s pilot programing of a digital yuan. In the special district of Xiong’an, China, Starbucks and Subway are joining by the chain in the trial program.  It was also an Ethereum domain name that the chain registered beer. At the time, 30 ETC had approximately $100,000. The sale of taco themed images and GIFs on the NFT marketplace, Rarible, also became internet famous a few years earlier. The personal opinion of the author may be included by presented content and is subject to market condition.