McDonald’s China Launches The Big Mac Rubik Cube


McDonald’s China announced its first NFT on Friday, October 8, 2021 in celebration of its 31st anniversary of entering the market. The official opening of Außerdem’s new headquarters building in Shanghai. The new Shanghai offices designed the NFT. The ‘Big Mac Cube’ is officially referred to by McDonald’s China. One of the restaurant chain’s most popular sandwiches is named by it. The first NFT was released on Friday, October 8, 2021, to celebrate its 31st anniversary of entering the Chinese mainland market. McDonalds China is the first NFT company to launch one. In mainland China, the NFT commemorates the 31st anniversary. The new HQ building was designed by the brand’s new HQ building. McDonald’s China just launched its first NFT. On mainland China, the NFT commemorates the 31st anniversary. The NFT has been designed by the brand after its new headquarters building. In spite of China’s rocky relationship with crypto, the crypto industry officially recognizes NFT. McDonald introduces NFT, yet crypto activities are still not in play in the nation. The first nonfungible token will be taken from McDonald’s. 188 examples will award employees and consumers gifts. McDonald’s China announced the Sponsored The Big Mac Rubik’s Cube to celebrate 31 years in the mainland market. A new headquarters in Shanghai, which is marked with the NFT, is added to the three decade history of the company in China.



McDonald’s New Headquarters Building is a Brand New Development:

The CEO of McDonald’s China expressed his delight that an NFT was freed. The new headquarters building in Shanghai draws inspiration. The design contains representations of the company’s trademark colors of red, orange, and yellow. The pieces were designed by a fast-food franchise, based on five company values as well as three keywords. Values such as service, tolerance, integrity, community and family. Love, technology and trend are the keywords. Eight three dimensional scenes were created by the company and combined with the shape of the new headquarters building to create a big nothing. The CEO also commented, ‘McDonald’s China’s new headquarters building is a brand new development. ‘Milestones have already been added by Milestones. The official opening of its new headquarters building in Shanghai is a milestone for the official opening. The New Shanghai office was designed with an NFT. McDonald’s China calls it the Big Mac Cube. This launch is in celebration of the 31st anniversary of McDonald’s. It encapsulates the 31st year of the brand’s presence on mainland China. The NFT launch also highlighted the opening of McDonald’s new headquarters on Shanghai’s West Bank. Zhang Jiayin is said to represent a youthful brand. It is one that pays attention to cutting-edge technology as well as fashion trends. Jiayin expressed his approval for McDonald’s as the first domestic restaurant to launch an NFT. He commended the new headquarters building as it was a brand new development for the franchise in China. While he focuses on both milestones, he says McDonald’s innovation, digitalization and trend is at this special moment. Just for you attention, the Big Mac Rubik’s Cube is a 3D token. This launch is to commemorate McDonald’s 31st anniversary. It marks the 31st year of the brand’s presence in the market of mainland China. The opening of McDonald’s new headquarters in Shanghai’s west bank is also a highlight. It is a young, trendy brand. One that pays attention to cutting edge technology and fashion trends is paid by it. Jiayin expresses his approval for McDonald’s as the first domestic restaurant to launch an NFT. The new headquarters building in China also praises a brand new development. The advertisement states that we utilize the form of NFT in order to achieve both milestones. A 3D token is similar to a Big Mac Rubik’s Cube. We utilize the NFT technology to share McDonald’s innovation, digitalization, and trend art to employees and consumers at this special moment. ” The CEO also claims that McDonald’s China is the first domestic catering brand to drop, as well as NFT. Sponsored, The Golden Arches’ debut McNFT has been dubbed the “Big Mac Cube,” named after one of the restaurant chainThe brand’s spirit and the physical shape of the new Shanghai building are the inspiration. McDonald’s China is planning to release 187 additional NFTs in the future.  The biggest Mac Cube is the first of theseNot the only fast food restaurant has caught on to NFTBurger King launched an NFT collection in September.



Burger King Keep Is Real Meal:

Twentyfive pieces of crypto art sold in under 30 minutes on Rarible, an NFT trading platform. Burger King launched an NFT campaign last month, also with the online NFT platform, Sweet. ‘Keep it Real Meals’ showcases the availability of QR codes on nearly six million meal boxes. Scanning the QR codes could unlock a digital collectible.  In addition, collecting them could unlock NFTs. One of the restaurant chain’s most popular sandwiches is named after it. An inventive digital work that is threedimensional and dynamic that is inspired by the spirit of McDonald’s. This is not the first F&B restaurant, unlike its own. Burger King announced a NFT promotion deal just a few weeks ago. This promotion is gamified and was partnered with Sweet and made by the brand with NFTs present. The promotional material mentions Burger King’s Keep Is Real Meal. Taco Bell recently made a NFT debut, too. It was not the first food and drink restaurant to launch it’s own NFT. Burger King announced a promotional deal on NFT a few weeks ago. Sweet has partnered with a gamified promotion featuring NFTs. The promo title, Burger King Keep is Real Meal. The same thing happened with its NFT debut, which was also made recently by Taco Bell. A domain name for Ethereum was also purchased by the company for around $100,000. Taco Bell announced Taco Bell themed NFTs in the form of images and GIFs on Rarible. In El Salvador, McDonald’s became the first store in the region to accept Bitcoin as payment option. What are your thoughts about the subject?You can write to us and tell us the details.