Manish Malhotra Drops Five NFTs in Collaboration With Lakme Fashion Week


The first Indian fashion designer has dropped five NFTs in collaboration with Lakme Fashion Week. Token storage is a unique and non interchangeable unit of digital information, which is displayed in a digital ledger. An authenticated and published proof of ownership is provided from the information contained within it. Manish Malhotra dropped five NFTs in collaboration with Lakme Fashion Week. The token, is unique, and non-interchangeable, and it is placed on a digital ledger for the uninitiated. Blockchain technology helps establish a verified and public proof of ownership. The NFTs were dropped on the WazirX NFT Marketplace. A fantastic platform for artists, designers, and creators to capitalize on unique assets and engage with their fans. WazirX NFT marketplace, which is the most trusted NFT marketplace in India saw one of the fastest salesExclusive artwork was noted by the sale, which took place in partnership with FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week in 2021. Manish Malhotra is the first Indian designer to drop an NFT and gets sold out. The most sought after fashion designer joins forces with Wazir X NFT Marketplace and FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week. NFTs, which are non-fungible tokens, are unique string of characters that cannot be replaced by anything else.



Manish Malhotra Shares Hand Drawn Sketch of a Blue Sari Worn by Deepika Padukone:

On Instagram, a thought towards digital reality.  My virtual store was an initial step toward digital reality. The NFT stated that to be the next one was not required. Manish Drawn Sketch of one of his most popular creations — a blue sari worn by Deepika Padukone. Titled was behind the song entitled Memorable Sketch (2013). The NFT sold Rs 20,2319. Twentyseven. The other NFT was Illuminate Showstopper, or Manish’s handmade sketch of the embellished black lehenga. This produced sales of Rs 275889. The group affixed the number 91. A thought was made into digital reality. The band NFT had the song To be the Next One. Manish Malhotra shared his hand drawn sketch of one of his most popular creations. It is titled Memorable Sketch, and is dated 2013The NFT sold Rs 20,2319. Twentyseven. NFTs were destroyed by an artist who spray paints with his eyes. This sale was worth Rs 27,5889. 91. The highest selling NFT was Illuminated Showstopper, a custom made constellation sketch for Kareena Kapoor Khan. The GIF illustrates the merging of traditional art and modern technology. CryptoSauga sold the live show video to him for 2000.  He also purchased a second NFT, Memorable Sketch. A 2018 illustrious sketch of Chikankari outfit worn by Alia Bhatt was sold to Killa. The entire collection of NFT’s are sold out in two minutes from Illuminated Showstopper selling out in as quick as twelve seconds to MemoThe collectors receive an exclusive gift set from Manish Malhotra out of getting their hands on the digital collectiblesManish Malhotra claims the Indian industry is a game changer and it is something he needs to consider and move towards. Whether it is art, music, or drawing, they can make anything digital an asset in the digital worldcurated by Manish, five exclusive fashion NFTs include a picture of Lisa Ray from 1998, a GIF of Alia B,The trending and timeless tale starring JJ Valaya ft is highly recommended read by FDCI and Lakme Fashion Week. A new medium for expressing art is called NFT by Mrunal Thakur. Not only artists who create physical products but also new age artists, designers, illustrators and digital artists, are launched a new stream and platform. Manish took a stroll along memory lane while finalizing the five selected designs, browsing through a collection of old photographs, sketches and artwork.



Dolce and Gabbana Set a Record $6 Million for Fashion NFTs:

Dolce & Gabbana recently set a $6 million record for fashion NFTs.  You can view this post on Instagram. The description was read by the women of the Mijwan Welfare Society.  It is an NGO started by Shabana Azmi and NamrataHe sold the NFT for Rs 16,0935. It is 78. View this post on Instagram A post shared by WazirX NFT Marketplace. The fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana set a record $6 million for fashion NFTs. The character was read by the women from Mijwan Welfare Society, an NGO founded by Shabana Azmi and Namrata GoyalThe NFT sold Rs 16,0935. The total is 78. I suggest that you view this post on Instagram.  It’s a post shared by WazirX NFT Marketplace. Vishakha Singh, the Vp, WazirX, verified the success of the NFT dropped by Manish Malhotra. Some of the major Indian designers and labels are attracted to us and we hope to have more of them. Manish’s NFTs are pleased our platform could reach out to fashion and crypto enthusiasts. WazirX NFT Marketplace pioneers the NFT segment in India. Manish already has sold out 5 of his NFT Drops in a matter of seconds, he appears to be a pathbreaker in theirWhen asked if he would advise his Bollywood friends to venture into this industry he said, “I would recommend all to do their research well. My excitement is fueled by their participation, as I see this opportunity.