Macallan 1991 Scotch Sets New Record For Whisky Cask


This one used some modern technological help in getting thereA cask of Macallan 1991 Scotch was sold by auction on Friday, which set a new record for a whisky caskIt is about 33 million. The sale included a specially designed NFT.  It might have helped to raise the value. Another day, another exceptionally good priced whisky sales record, though a bit of modern technology was used by this one to get the record. A cask of Macallan 1991 Scotch was sold at auction on Friday, setting a new record for a whisky cask. Thirtythree million of them. It was more than a cask of coveted Scotch. A NFT that is linked to a rare whiskey cask has sold for an historical $2. The 1991 Macallan whisky features a whisky themed digital artwork by Trevor Jones, an artist from Scotland. A nonfungible barrel of 1991 Macallans Scotch Friday set two whiskey auction records. Three million in the form of an NFT token. The previous Cask Sale record price was surpassed by the sale hosted by NFT Marketplace Metacask last August. A easier method for receiving your local, trusted news. A rare Mallan ’91 whisky cask sold a record for £1. The price is 69 million in a digital auction. Trevor Jones did the Angel’s Share, which was merged.



Macallan 1926 60 Year Old – The Most Expensive Bottle of Whisky Ever:

The Macallan has a history of records breaking salesBottles of Macallan 1926 60 Year Old continues the tradition of being the title of the most expensive bottle of whisky ever sold. Nine million. The cask contains roughly 600 bottles worth of 51 bottles. There is a 1 percentage ABV Scotch at an average perbottle price of about $3,880. Another one of Macallan’s recent records comes at the expense of an older one, the one from 1991. The new record-breaker is auctioned off by London-based brokerage VCL Vintners. Jones created an abstract representation instead of the typical cask photo. The name of The Angel’s Share came from the somewhat smudgy and loosely barrel shape result. The Macallan has a long history of demonstrating exceptional sales. The record for the most expensive bottle of whisky sold was set in 2019, when the price was roughly $1. I am estimating nine million. It is believed that a cask of 1991 contained 51% of the bottles in approximately 600 bottles. Scotch with a onepercent ABV comes with an average per bottle price of approximately $3,880. This latest record by Macallan comes at the expense of an old record.  A similar Macallan Cask, in 1991, set the recordWith this digital sale, another that makes the new record breaker unique is the way it was auctioned off the cask with a non-Jones created an abstract representation instead of a cask photo. More information on Metacask’s Macallan Whiskey NFT.  Macallan Whiskey NFT is linked to the real worldOne of the most sought after whiskey casks in history is turned by the cask. The unique sherry cask barrel makes thick European oak. There were 710 bottles contained by it, but almost 110 bottles have evaporated now. 2% of the whiskey evaporates each year while in the cask. There is a common belief that a whiskey is behind by the missing whiskey is why they are believed by Thirsty Angels. One audiovisual artwork entitled ‘The Angel’s Share NFT’ was received by the auction winner by Jones. There are two items contained by the NFT. Number one is the high resolution scan of the oil painting. Digital art by Trevor Jones was included with this edition. Two other bidders, active in digital whiskey investments, are outbid by a pseudonymous buyer who goes by the name of OldThe company declined a bid from the buyer. The NFT serves the whiskey cask. It was minted using the Ethereum blockchain. The cask NFT was minted and auctioned to showcase the appeal of digitally transferable rights. People do not have to be physically present when buying rare and valuable real assets such as whisky. One of the rarest items sold in recent time is the VCL Vintners which is based in London. Trevor Jones represented the cask as proof of authenticity for the overseas buyer. The piece is entitled The Angel’s Share and references the natural evaporation of whisky through its barrel. The previous world record for a whisky cask was another Macallan cask.  It went for £416,208 in August 2021 atOnly a limited number of casks are available on the market but they have been released by the macallan to private collectors. It was reported that the ABV was 51 in the last re-gauge. One percent of the bottles were intended to be rested.



A Oil Painting and Its Whisky:

An abstract NFT artwork is based on an oil painting.  A oil painting and given by the new owner a 21st century way to expressTo clarify, the oil painting was not included as part of the sale, but merely the NFT. The two artists share an abstract art, based on an oil painting and its whisky. The world’s first NFT marketplace for ‘whisky cask investments’ claims to be by it. Cask NFTs are frequently dropped by the platform at varying prices. A cask is asked by anyone who wants to sell the platform. The coronavirus pandemic made NFT sales more mainstream and popular. This number increased by sales volumes to $10. In the third quarter of 2021 there were 7 billion.  That was a quarter eight times more than the second quarter.  Some of the things that cannot be copied are given by owners. Trevor and Metacask collaborate to provide a 21st century approach to whisky. Trevor is using new technologies to engage fresh audiences with traditional art than using a photo that is intended for verification more than anything.