NOBORDER.z is getting spread out its share and name-value and becoming more familiar in the blockchain industry, mainly in Asian countries.

Although increased name-value is a good advantage, on the other hand, the illegal logins and cyber-attack ratio also increased.

We are taking countermeasures for these attacks. Once again we’d like you to get prepared for the following measures from the user’s side this time.

Make sure to take the following setting from the user side.

“Please have a “two-factor authentication” setting with Google Authenticator.”

Note: We will not be able to recover the loss you have in a case that the above user’s countermeasure setting is not taken place.

Additionally, we have to make the user’s account gets suspended immediately if we found some malicious acts that can cause a cyber attack, hacking and intentional bugs, etc.

We wish that you can always enjoy the crypto assets management with us,

Thank You.

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