Leading Edge Materials – A Nonbinding Heads of Agreement


The date is Sydney, October. A nonbinding heads of agreement, the HoA, has been executed by Sicona Battery Technologies Pty Ltd. Leading Edge Materials is one of them. A nonbinding agreement between a 50/50 Joint Venture and advanced anode materials that can be produced up to 20 ktpaThe item is titled, Leading Edge Materials. The creation of a Swedish 50/50 Joint Venture is envisioned as one Swedish 50/50 Joint Venture. The date is October 6, 2021.  Leading Edge Materials Corp. The Heads of Agreement, a nonbinding agreement, was signed with Sydney, Australia by its 100% owned Swedish subsidiary, Woxn. The path to the establishment of a Swedish based 50/50 Joint Venture.  The JV targets the production of advanced natural graphite. A nonbinding agreement has been signed by a wholly owned Swedish subsidiary of the listed TSXV, which is known as HoA. This task has been concluded. Leading Edge Materials Corp is backed by the company. The controller performs Leading Edge Materials. HoA Sweden carries out 50-50 production of advanced natural graphite and silicon-graphite carbon composite active anode materials. Emmanuel Macron visited the Saft Nersac plant near Angoulême in the NouvelleAquitaine region. The partners want the joint venture Automotive Cell Company. The project is cutting edge and uses cutting edge R&D, provided by Saft, to produce EV batteries beginning in 20. The technology will offer the maximum in energy performance both in terms of range and charging time.



Aim for annual production of up to 20,000 tons per annum per year:

Ton[2]. The cost per capacity unit ($/KWh) for battery cell manufacturers has been reduced, leading to an increase in interest in switching to these materials in theThere are certain work packages aimed at creating one Swedish advanced anode material production plant that produces up to 20,000 tons per annum per year. Several key points in a joint venture as envisaged in the HoA are the establishment of a Swedish company owned 50/50 by SiconThe establishment of a joint venture is contingent on a final binding joint venture agreement for the Swedish joint venture company (Defintive Joint Venture Agreement)Sicona is committed to installing commercial production facilities in Europe and North America, derived from our Australian base. This future joint venture with Sicona will enable us to position ourselves more effectively as we approach this enormous market opportunity. I look forward to working with Christiaan and his skilled technical team in developing this opportunity further. Filip is very excited to be involved in the next phases of project development with Filip and his team at Leading Edge Materials. It was an endorsement of the value proposition of Sicona in vertically integrating local supply chain projects to produce next generation final anode materials. Because of the large capacity of silicon graphite composites, a low amount of silicon graphite composites are expected. HoA lays out a specific work package and the ultimate goal is Swedish Aim for annual production of up to 20,000 tons of multiples. You would like to know how. The main points of JV assumed in HoA are assumed by the main points of JVA Swedish company that owns 50/50, Sweden Designed, funded, and launched a 500 ton Stage 1Perforatile study concerning the construction of full scale commercial production of approximately 7,000 to 20,000 tons per year. Finance, construction, and operation of large commercial production facilities. Total set an ambition to become the responsible energy major in 2015. In response to that, we acquired Saft, a major battery maker, in 2016, primarily to develop energy storage to support the growth of intermittentAn additional opportunity is offered by the rapid growth of electric mobility by Total, via Saft. With the support of French, German, and European authorities, our best expertise and technologies will be deployed by us alongside our partner Groupe PSA to createCarlos Tavares, Chairman of the Managing Board of Groupe PSA added that our purpose is to offer citizens mobility options that they can pursueThis project will create a benchmark player in automotive battery cell development and production in Europe, with our partner Total/Saft.



Sicona’s Silicon-Composites Deliver 50% to 100% Larger Capacity Than Conventional Graphite Anodes:

The current generation of Sicona’s silicon-composite anodes can deliver 50% to 100% larger capacity than conventional graphite anoIt is a waterbased binder that has a 3D network structure, improved electro-conductivity, and self healing properties, and thatSicona employs active anode materials and polymer binder for a highly scalable and efficient manufacturing process. In addition, a water-based binder has a 3D network structure, improved electro-conductivity and self-healing propertiesSicona’s active anode materials and polymer binder are manufactured using a highly scalable and efficient manufacturing process. Sicona is developing high performance binders and anodes for the incredibly growing global battery market.  This has a focused partnership approach. Mangold Fondkommission AB is the Company’s Certified Adviser on Nasdaq First North.  You may be contacted via emailPhone them for more information, or call +46 (0) 8 5030 1550. Leading edge materials is in an even stronger position to address this huge addressable market opportunity. We will explore the opportunity further. Visit the website about Sikona, Christiaan Jordaan. There are separate legal entities. Total sumI want to say, ‘A. ‘They will not be held responsible for their act or omissions. The terms Total, Total Group, and Group are sometimes used by convenience in this document.