Label Foundation Raised $1 Million for Building a Blockchain Based Platform for the MOOC Industry


Label Foundation raised $1. 0 Million raised $1 for Blockchain based Entertainment and NFT’s Ecosystem Label Foundation. HG Ventures participated in the event.  Several other venture capital firms also participated in it. The funds will be used for the development of the next generation NFT infrastructure and entertainment ecosystem. Label Foundation completed a $1 successfully. Label Foundation raised $1 million for building a Blockchainbased Platform for the MOOC IndustryThe label foundation announced the successful completion of its private sale round. Many leading VCs and Grammy award winning artists raised 1 via the NFT platform. Press release. The next generation NFT Infrastructure – Label Foundation has been able to bring to market the lucrative completion of its spherical. The NFT platform raised one dollar. It generated a great deal of curiosity from prime investors and enterprise capitalists in the finance and blockchain industries. This was a major milestone for the Label Foundation. Press release.  Press release. Next generation NFT Infrastructure Label Foundation announced the successful completion of the private sale round. The NFT platform raised one dollar. The private sale generated interest from major investors in the finance and blockchain industries. It is the principal, important milestone for Label. A number of leading institutions and capital in the Blockchain space were backed by HG Ventures.



LABEL Foundation – A Decentralized P2P Incubating Platform:

The funding round was 0 million. Label Foundation is a strong VC firm in the blockchain space, and HG Venture’s Private Presales event was led by Label Foundation. The funds will be channeled towards the development of a next generation NFT infrastructure and entertainment-education platform that will accelerate the growth and adoption. Label claims to be an unparalleled NFT platform that aims to establish a fair profit-sharing ecosystem with the permissionless integration of IP rights. The team wrote, A decentralized P2P incubating platform is provided by the masses to invest in world class entertainment and education content. Labels can assist in terms of access to investment promotion, distribution and dissemination of their IP rights, fair profit structure and so much more. Ultimately, the core team also aims to revolutionize the entertainment education market by utilizing both the MOOC industry and blockchain technology. The NFT infrastructure platform is an innovative platform that now protects rights of artists, players, and other content creators. He concluded. Label is an NFT protocol built on the Ethereum network, to establish a fair educational ecosystem. The LBL utility and governance token is the key to its ecosystem. To achieve its goals, a decentralized P2P incubating platform is introduced by Laboratory to invest in world class entertainment and educational content. This system provides easy access to investment, promotion, and distribution of their IP rights. The problem of unfair structure that exists in the sphere is resolved by it. We are the lead buyers in the LABEL Foundation, and we initially astonished by the dedication of the core staff to the unified goalFurthermore, the musicians, artists, and content creators will be able to protect their intellectual property rights utilizing the most advanced NFT platform. He concludes. Label is a blockchain infrastructure protocol, built on the Ethereum network, that promotes a good profit sharing ecosystem. The ecosystem is powered by LBL, a utility and governance token. The goal is a decentralized P2P incubating platform where you can invest money in world class leisure instructional content. This is a system that will allow MOOC creators to easily receive funding, promotion and distribution of their IP rights. We are first and foremost intrigued by the core team’s dedication to the ununified. The next level of adoption will be needed by NFTs, musicians, artists, and other content creators who were previously restricted. NFT, the platform for infrastructure, is developed by NFT. He completed the task. Label is a NFT platform that can create a fair profit sharing ecosystem. It is responsible for the token for facilities and governance, that LBL uses. To achieve its goals, LABEL offers a Decentralized Incubator Platform to invest in world class education. This system provides for easy access to investing, promoting and distributing their intellectual property rights. The issues relating to unfair structure that exist in the field are fixed by it.



Collaboration With Clesson Music Lab:

The project was directed by Simon Jeung, HG Ventures cofounder. NFT will require the next level of adoption, musicians and other content creators that were previously restrained from their legitimate profits will now be involved. The specific courses that will be registered on the platform will be approved by the team. They have already collaborated with Opentrack, a leading music education platform operated by Clesson. The partnership will provide a batch of worldclass instructors and early content within the Lab ecosystem. The best stars will be sharing their knowledge and insights, and maybe they will offer their IP rights through the incubator system. I was married to the number one music schooling platform, operated by Clesson. The partnership promises to bring world class instructors in order to present early material in the Lab ecosystem. It’s possible to share their information and insights and influence influence artists and instructors on the Laboratory Platform, as well as share their IP rights. OpenTrack, a leading music education platform, by Clesson, has already been partnered with me. The partnership will provide a pool of world class trainers. The top stars include Mark Lettieri (3x Grammy Winner), Scoop DeVille (2x Grammy Nominee), Robert Sput SearightThey may be able to share their knowledge and opinions and possibly their intellectual property rights through the custody system.