NOBORDER.z has now concluded a partnership agreement with the JKC project.

Note: This is a partnership agreement. JKC is not one of the sub-chain projects of NOBORDER.z.

About the JKC project

A project run by a business partnering with the major Junket group.
An essential tool that is expected to integrate online casinos with land-based casinos and bring even more vitality to the casino market from now on.

What is a JKC token?

The ERC20-based token that can be exchanged to JKBIT by combining with BTC in the JKC WALLET.
JKBIT can be used on the online gaming site called “Red Power”.
It can also get exchanged with the rolling chips at some major partner casinos in the Philippines, Macau, and Korea. This can be done because we are affiliated with the Junket company.

What is a JKC / ANX pair?

When a user let ANX gets exchanged to JKC and additionally also exchanged to JKBIT, then the user can play with the chips exchanged by the JKBIT at not only the Online-casinos but also at the actual land-based casinos! This is awesome!

We are considering various events in the future including a tour to the local casino.

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