"Never Settle for anything, Keep looking for greatness"

Rio, the founder of the NOBORDER.z corporation, has an exceptional history. He was born in Japan as a fairly successful music producer and DJ; in fact, he completed a world tour with more than 200 stages.

Rio graduated from Takamado Music High school in Nara, Japan. He also got a degree from Musicians Institute Hollywood, USA. In his teenage years, Rio started his career in Los Angles, where he made a major record deal from AVEX, the largest record label in Japan.

Then at the age of 24, as Rio relocated himself to Beijing after his independence, under the concept of “NOBORDER.z”.


In his career, he formed a multi-national DJ group and performed 200 performances in 70 cities around the globe.

Additionally, he worked on many international movies, Japanese animations, and corporate music. He showed his performance at events held by the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean government and won the International Culture Award.

Rio was a founder of “Tokyo Fashion Festa” in New York Fashion Week which was sponsored by the Ministry of Economy Japan.


He launched his company in 2017 named “NOBORDER.z” and expanded his business domain into the advanced internet technology field focusing on Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

In a concise duration, the project attracted more than 20,000 users over 16 countries all over the world and was featured in Forbes, YAHOO Finance, and TED.



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