“XLEVEL” is on board as a test purpose now. You can check out two of the new features XLEVEL(ANX), and XLEVEL(ANL), just by going to SETTING now.

The new drop feature is scheduled getting to be available for late this January.

The formula to get calculated XLEVEL(ANL)

XLEVEL(ANL) is calculated as it’s automatically getting HEAVEN, and to make HEAVEN90 four times in a row is required after Jan 1, 2020.

XLEVEL(ANX) is calculated by a state when the current HEAVEN is started.

The funding source for DROP-ANX is originally based on the TRANXIA Cryptocurrency Exchange revenue, and for DROP-ANL is based on the sales revenue from the contents promotions, so that each DROP is provided as each XLEVEL holder’s level after calculated by the method of ”Each revenue amount / Whole number of each XLEVEL holders”.

Further details of the feature will be shared later on.

Thank You.

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