Icecap, LLC, is the First Company to Offer Investment Grade Diamonds via NFT Technology


Dubai, United Arab Emirates was changed from Active to Passive, according to Newsfile Corp. Icecap, LLC, is the first company that offers investment grade diamonds via NFT technology, will provide six valuable gems and jewelry pieces. Blockchain Wire announced today a selection of high quality natural and rare colored diamonds and unique finished jewelry pieces. Initial offerings will include an intense red diamond valued at approximately $3 million USD. The announcement was made during Icecap’s prestigious launch event at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, located in the Dubai International Financial Center. A nonfungible token (NFT) provides a way to prove an asset to be both authentic and unique. The gemstone industry is looking to reposition itself by offering investors NFT tokens, which are diamonds. Icecap announced the launch of its diamond investor marketplace last July. The Ethereum blockchain and nonfungible tokens are used by the platform to provide GIA-rated diamonds with their own. A specific diamond is represented by tokens held in a secure vault at the Dubai Merchandise Trade Center. The diamond and luxury jewelry market is moving through. ‘NFTs’ are planned by Royal jeweller Asprey, but others are staying away now. A solution to a longterm problem affecting the diamond sector suddenly was realised by Jacques Voorhees.



Icecap Diamond Tokens:

In under $100,000, there will be the Harmony Circle multigem necklace at a $28,018 list price, and the Forest Trail eIcecap CEO Jacques Voorhees believes his company is excited to participate in an event like this. A better place to make that statement is becoming an important aspect of NFT markets.  No better place to make that statement than NFT BAZL. Elitium, one of the NFT Bazal organizers, will provide the technical infrastructure for the auctions. The NFT marketplace allows users to purchase products using credit cards, bank transfers or cryptocurrency. Diamonds typically outperform inflation, but now with NFT technology diamonds can be bought, sold, and traded almost as efficiently as gold. With the NFT, liquide is being liquidated by the world’s most difficult asset. It is the brainchild of the father and son team of Jacques Voorhees, who revolutionized the diamond industry in the 1980s byVoorhees continued, “I’ve found that the value in diamonds, as an investment, goes back over a thousand years. Diamonds do not fungible because each is unique. The physical item is kept in secure, vaulted, and insured by the technology of nonfungible tokens. Icecap’s diamond tokens are traded on the world’s largest NFT exchange, OpenSea. The software is Io. This unique token does not allow an interchange with another token. The tokenized Ice Cap Collectibles include not only individual stones, but also finished jewelry. Red, yellow, and green are exotic colored stones ranging from ultra high grade gemstones with a price tag of over $ 1 million. Once bought diamond tokens can be redeemable at OpenSea. The Internet of Things. As with any high quality product, diamonds can be used as an investment or liquidated for sale. You get to show off your attractive woman in person if you grant your NFT token to the third option. A physical diamond can be returned later and re-tokenized if necessary. Icecap’s CEO explains that every diamond has all the elements of authenticity and grading. The object and NFT representation will be acquired by the buyer, and sold as digital physical pairs. The executive chairman of Asprey, John Rigas, believes that a perfect match is possible because NFTs bolster the authenticity of the productsIt is perfect because every aspect of a NFT is accessed by them forever in addition to being part of a blockchain. Asprey will launch a line of digital only NFTs similar to the artwork being sold today. Some big name jewellers are not following as well as Asprey, yet. Timothy Iwata Durie is Cartier’s Global Innovation Director, and he is cautious. I, at Cartier, believe the majority of what is being shown to be hype.



Icecap – The Brainchild of Eric Voorhees and his son Eric Voorhees:

To obtain more information, visit. You can access digital assets of Elitium with confidence on a trusted, compliant and secure wealth management platform. It emphasizes ease of use and low barriers to entry to help lead the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry to mass adoption. More information is offered by the change. Please send Robert an email at thronepr. Voorhees added, ‘There is a market for both. ‘NFT technology is ideally suited to both. Go to Icecap and visit its website for more information. Using the OpenSea marketplace, you can directly visit the marketplace. Icecap is the first company to utilize the ERC721 nonfungible token standard for providing a nonfungible token. We have the capability of using a secure NFC tag system to associate physical and digital works. It is the active to passive type. Voorhees suggested the online diamond business in the 1980s. The industry was forever changed by this movement. Eric Voorhees is the brainchild of himself and his son.  The Icecap Project is also his brainchild. Eric is an advocate of Bitcoin and founder of ShapeShift. Warning All information posted on our website is made up of good faith and is only for general information purposes. Icecap sells rare pieces, such as a necklace featuring a 70 carat diamond, offered at $3. Six million dollars and a rare purplish red diamond ring at $3 million. Icecap sells rare diamonds and investment class diamonds as NFTs. All of the diamonds that are real are held in a vault where they are insured and periodically audited.