Hong Kong’s Entertainment World Unveiled NFTs


Chinese movie stars, directors, and actors sometimes turn nonfungible tokens into digital ledgers. Some of the biggest names in Hong Kong’s entertainment world unveiled NFT projects this month. The move by Chinese celebrities into NFTs is seen by many as a sign that their fans might be on their way to greater acceptance. Some names in Hong Kong revealed a sign that once-niche digital tokens might be on their way to wider acceptance. On a blockchain, NFTs refer to units of data that are unique, immutable, and secure. The tokens are circulating and could be based on Chinese language films stars, administrators, singers, pop stars and celebrities. There is a trend of Chinese celebrities turning fans to NFTs to broaden the community.



NFTs are launched by Shawn Yue, Wong Kar-Wai and Hanjin Tan:

Gigi Yim was groomed for fame by the television network TVB after winning the show’s most coveted singing contest. NFT Music Video is making more than HK$4,095 to US$526 worth now. The proceeds of the NFT sales will go towards charitable cause. A veteran singer, Hins Cheung, joined the NFT frenzy this week as he unveiled his latest concert on Tuesday. Cheung recorded a mystery video in the lead up to the December concert.  An NFT related to the video will be auctioned. The proceeds of NFT sales will go toward charity as well. While regulators in mainland China remain wary of blockchain and NFT launchers, figures in the industry have become a popular destination for Chinese celebrities. NFTs are launched by Shawn Yue, Wong Kar-wai and Hanjin Tan. Gigi Yim announced that she was the first woman to win a television network’s national singing competition. The NFT is worth more than HK$4,095 (US$526) apiece. The proceeds of sales will go to a good cause. This week the NFT frenzied was joined by veteran singer Hins Cheung as he unveiled his latest concert on Tuesday. Cheung recorded a mystery video ahead of the December concert, and an NFT related to the video will be auctioned. Moreover, proceeds from NFT sales will also be donated to a charity. Celebrities from China are in a popular place for NFT launches, although regulators in mainland China are cautious about blockchain enabled digital tokens. The biggest names in Hong Kong’s leisure world, including Wong Kar-Wai, unveiled their respective NFT initiatives this month. Typically, this post is generated automatically by NFTs and contains models.  I recommend following the source link Denial of Responsibility. The primary source is indicated in each article. I agree. This activity will be transferred to passive.



Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for over US$2 a month earlier:

Jack Dorsey sells a third tweet for more than $2. There are nine million. He is in charge of selling art auctions at the Premier Centre and selling fourteen NFTsThey made an estimated profit of around 120 million Hong Kong Hong Kong dollars (15 US dollars). 4 million items were marked by an auction organised by Christie’s. Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet for over US$2 a month earlier. Nine million dollars. Usually, six times per year, fourteen NFTs are sold by Man-Lok of the City. They collected a value of approximately 120 million dollars in Hong Kong. It sold for 4 million at an auction organized by Christie’s, and became a new record for Asia. All materials and trademarks are owned by their rightful owners.  All materials belong to their authors. If it has been published by us, the content will be deleted within eight hours. It might happen within a few minutes. It can be acted on or passively. It can vary from active to passive. The active to passive.