Hatten Land and EnjinStarter To Digitise Group Assets, Create Digital Assets


A deal was inked between Hatten Land and its subsidiary, Hatten Technology (S) Pte Ltd, a Catalist listed subsidiarythe digital assets, which include non-fungible tokens (NFTs), can be exchanged for or connected with the current loyalty point system ofThe token strategy will be developed by Enjinstarter. A contract has been reached between Hatten Land’s subsidiary Hatten Technology and Prakal, formerly known as EnjinStarter. The companies will create a token system as well as digital assets. Melaka is a historical location in Malaysia. Tourists will exchange a combined built up area of more than 600,000 square metres for loyalty points in the group’s mall. A project called Metaverse is being worked on to promote digital tourism in the historical city of Malaysia, Melaka. In collaboration with blockchain startup EnjinStarter, Hatten Land subsidiary Hatten Technology is signing an agreement to develop a blockchain application. Property developers in Malaysia specialize in integrated residential, hotel and commercial developments. Exclusive agreement with EnjinStarter To Digitise Group Assets, Create Digital Assets, including NFs Hatten Land Limited. Activating, to passiveing. Holden Technology and Prakal Pte have signed a contract. The answer is active to passive. EnjinStarter developed a dedicated token system and created digital assets, including non-fungible tokens. The exclusive framework agreement is part of a strategic shift by the SGX listed Hatten Land. Banks have always complained about the fees Apple charges for inclusion in its mobile wallet.



EnjinStarter and Hatten Land:

Enjin is a marketplace for NFTs and over 20 million users.  We serve more than 250,000 gaming communities. Over US$1, have been backed by Enjin. The authorities have secured the funds with a value of 14 billion RM4. There are 77 billion blockchain assets that collectively contain 12. Hatten Land owns and operates four hotels in Melaka. Hatten intended a metaverse with a digital twin city for Melaka. In addition, its regional headquarters in Melaka is said to be established by Enjinstarter physically as well as digitally, to jointly operateEnjinstarter also encourages the cultivation of and promotion of artistic activities in MelakaThe Enjinstarter collaboration follows recent agreements signed by Hatten Land whereat least two parties will instal and operate up to 3,000 units. EnjinStarter provides maintenance and support services for Token System and Metaverse, both to be developed by EnjinStarter. The metaverse will include a digital twin city for Melaka titled Digital Melaka. It will give a prelude to other digital twin cities. You should keep in mind that copying smart cities is digitised by Digital Twin Cities. Guests can enjoy the attractions in the city in digital format. The process of creating and monetising tokens and NFTs will be enabled by this. EnjinStarter has also planned an international headquarters in Melaka. EnjinStarter will provide maintenance and support services for both the Token System and Metaverse, which is to be developed. This project with EnjinStarter will start mid October 2021 with delivery of the Token System and the crypto related elements. The initial term of the Exclusive Framework Agreement is two years.  It can be automatically renewed every two years unless the Agreement is terminated. EnjinStarter entered into an agreement with Enjin Pte. Ltd.  are active to passive. EnjinStarter is an ecosystem development vehicle intended for Special Purposes purposes. Enjin operates a marketplace for NFTs with over 20 million users and serves more than 250,000 gaming communities. More than US$1 has been backed by Enjin. I have 14 billion blockchain assets.  Collectively, they contain 12 blockchain assets. The project will begin on the month of October 2021 with delivery of the token system, and/or the crypto related components that were connected to it. The Exclusive Framework Agreement’s initial term is two years.  It can be automatically renewed every two years, unless the Agreement is terminated. EnjinStarter entered an agreement with Enjin Pte.  Ltd. It is a change from active to passive. The EnjinStarter is a special purpose vehicle, set up to serve as a vehicle for various purposes. Enjin has enjoyed gaming communities with over 250,000 users. Enjin has backed over US$1. There are fourteen billion blockchain assets, which collectively contain twelve.



Cryptomining – A Major Catalyst For Our Strategic Shift:

The rigs will be installed in phases by Hatten Technology and the Singapore-based Frontier.  The company currently operates over 700 cryptomining rigThis happened after repurposeing its retail malls in Melaka for digital activities, such as cryptomining and e-commerce. Hatten Land shares traded at 6am at 11:00am. A mere eight cents is enough to value the company at s$107. A major catalyst for our strategic shift to become a hub for blockchain and digital initiatives is also commented by Mr Colin Tan. The property development arm of Hatten Group is described by Singapore Exchange. The company invests in real estate development, investments, hospitality, retail, and education. A dedicated Metaverse will be built jointly.  It will usher in a new era of blockchain, ecommerce, and creative activities. Mr. Prakash Somosundram, cofounder of EnjinStarter, said, We are very excited to partner with Hatten Land. Hatten Land includes enabling tokens and NFTs, online to online commerce, and gaming. It is true that digital assets grow and become tangible and tradable over time. It is said to be a project called Digital Melaka.  Colin Tan, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Hatten Land, saidIn partnership with EnjinStarter, we have a successful token listing with a proven track record. Pass from active to passive.