Golden Moments Digital Collectibles Launched by VeVe


One of its biggest votes of confidence thus far may have been held by nonfungible tokens thus far. VeVe is in a perfect position to capitalize on a large amount of NFT popularity, especially among the officially licensed NFTs. Disney and VeVe will launch a series of digital collectibles called “Golden Moments. Veve will offer a promotional offer for its streaming video channel Disney+. Not only Disney characters will have NFTs but those owned by the group, such as Marvel (Spiderman), Pixar (ToyTo date it has not been revealed the type of characters offered. The show, ‘Golden Moments,’ features golden statues of the characters as digital collectibles. Eduardo Pea is an amazing artist and art director for Industrial Light & Magic. The Colombian born artist entered the NFT world via Foundation, and he had numerous successful drops. Due to his talent as a traditional artist, we anticipate great things from this amazing artist later this year. Thank you, Eduardo, for participating in this awesome profile.



The Golden Moments Collection will be released on the Platform Prior to Disney+ Day on 12 November:

An ultrarare digital collectible will be offered on Nov. The date is Disney+ Day. Customers that buy an NFT from the collection will receive three months of Disney+ complimentary courtesy of VeVeThose who purchase the very rare NFT on Disney+ Day will receive a twelve month free subscription. This offer applies to both new and returning subscribers of Disney+. Dates of drop will be announced in the future. Disney created an annual holiday to celebrate the streaming platform that launched in 2019. The third quarter ended with a Disney+ subscription of 116 million. The company might acquire subscribers through the licensing deal with VeVe. The move of Disney to license and monetize its intellectual property with NFTs follows other big companies such as Hasbro Inc. Fans, and Collectors have the opportunity to purchase and interact with digital golden statues inspired by beloved stories and moments from Disney, Pixar, MarvelThe Golden Moments collection will be released on the platform prior to Disney+ Day, culminating on November 12. An added bonus, three months of Disney Plus with the help of VeVe will be received by every customer who purchases in select markets. Imagine how many possible new film releases Disney would have to offer such as NFTs for Disney, Pixar and Star Wars alone. Fans and Collectors are allowed to purchase and interact with digital golden statues inspired by beloved Disney, Pixar, and Marvel. The new version will begin to be released shortly on the VeVe app, culminating with Disney+ Day on 12 November. Disney Plus will be awarded limited subscriptions to certain NFT buyers, however, not to existing subscribers. Check the website for more details. The service VeVe launched a digital comics for Marvel.  This is as well as an NFT for DC Comics, such as SupermanThe licenses for other licensed properties include James Bond, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and Cartoon Network. We wondered what hefty licensing fees these gigantic brands would demand. We have found a hint of a venture financing raise. A $10 transaction is conducted by VeVe as part of Ecomi, a Singapore blockchain firm, founded in 2018. Also several blockbuster films such as, The Trilogy of the Hobbit, Hercules, Lucy, Deadpool 2 and Pacific RimSeveral exciting projects are tangential to NFTS, such as my involvement with the creation of theme parks and attractions. I have also been involved in collaborative projects in Urban Development, Design Sustainability, and Education, among other areas. I have learned a lot from this experience and I’ll continue to explore and evolve the ways to communicate my visions to everyone. Which of your favorite artists is not NFT?I most definitely like Jean Giraud and his art, MOEBIUS. His work and style define modern science fiction tropes and concepts, from Alien to Tron and the Fifth Element and so on.



Golden Moments Digital Collectibles Drop Dates Announced:

The company provides the largest, first mobile digital collectible platform and it is providing it. VeVe provides the layer 2 scaling protocol, ‘Immutable X. ‘ It also has zero gas fees and quicker trading at 99It achieved a 9% reduction in its environmental footprint. The number 0 was down by DIS shares. At $170, I get an 8% discount. It was 68 on Wednesday afternoon. What will be the first release date.  Keep you watch for updates from VeVe and Ecomi. It’s possible the Mandalorian NFTs are the first release.  However, only time will tell. All subscribers will receive three months of Disney+ courtesy of VeVe and with or without the NFT. I’ll announce details regarding the Golden Moments digital collectibles ahead of their drop dates.  And of course, more to come. Today, one dollar was weighed by the token’s market capitalization. Coingecko believed that 24 billion are. Veve has sold one. There are 9 million NFTs and there are more than 500000 active users. There were seven million grants to environmental nonprofits that were reworse. It is an active to passive option. The path towards creating a synchronization with the visual language I am able to speak will be determined by me. That synergy could be anything and not just one person. They had a very good flow. Any of you are able to have upcoming drops.