Fantom’s Daily Price Chart


On 23rd October, Fantom registered an all time high on the air. It is 63. The situation occurs in the backdrop of a decline in the sentiment for the crypto market following a blistering rally. Several top cryptocurrency assets shattered their record highs earlier this week. Fantom recorded a new all time high on 23 October in the wee hours of the morning. That is 63It is in the context of a dull crypto market momentum after a blistering rally. The highs in crypto assets were broken earlier this week. However, a sporadic rise in the market caused doubts of an impending pullback. Ethereum’s rival platforms Avalanche and Fantom, which manage traction. The decentralized finance ecosystem of Ethereum has been affected by the market blues. Avalanche and Fantom have continued to grow. Both platforms recorded a new all time high, in respect of total value locked in USD. According to DeFi Llama, Avalanche’s TVL soared to $3. FTM has gained more than 110% in the last week as its share has risen more than 100% to new ATH. Fantom announced a massive incentive program a few days ago to reward DeFi developers. In order to attract developers to build on Fantom, FTM committed over 300 Million United States Dollars.



FTM’s Development Activity Rate has reached an All Time High of $2:

FTM’s Development Activity Rate has reached an all time high following the fallout of last month’s price increase. As part of the recent developments, the platform stated that the new alltime high of $2 is kept in motion. It’s a 63. In spite of a mild marketwide crypto correction, NFT related assets have enjoyed recent price growth like FTM and SOL. Fantom, whose computer clocks an ATH, charges $2 for it. 63 in the midst of market consolidation 5.  Let us delve deeper into technical indicators. Fantom uses a daily price chart to compute an ATH.  It clocks at $2. The price candles hovered below them showing an optimistic price action and support for further market downturn. FTM’s Development Activity Rate, which recorded a surge and a subsequent price rise in late September, has reached an alltime high. Commenting on the recent developments, the platform stated.  Even keeps chugging along en route to today’s new All Time High. It is worth 63. Despite the mild crypto correction, recent price growth has been enjoyed by NFT related assets such as FTM (pictured) and SOLThe ATH is estimated to be priced at $2 by Fantom. I would like to dive further into the technical indicators 63 amidst market consolidationThe ATH is recorded by Fantom’s Daily Price Chart. The market was consolidating and Parabolic SAR was an optimistic price action and a support for further price action. 62 billion was reached by that of Fantom on the 26th of September, while a whopping $2 billion was neared by theEthereum’s TVL fell from its previous high of $144 billion to $123 billion this month. Avalanche metrics depict high optimism. As per the above charts in the tweet, blockchain activity is near the highest levels, as depicted by the daily fees burned. Tentatively rising contracts indicate a growing confidence in the Avalanche ecosystem. The daily transaction count and the monthly active addresses were evidence of heightened participation. It is nearing a break of its major support, and its current position of $0. That number is 844. This mark must be held by Price to continue within its bullish run short term.  Bearish signs are shown by technicals. The main resistance zone must be held by FTM from $0. 90 to 0 dollars. I think 96 will be ready for another push. If this occurs, expect the FTM price to be right above $1. The time is 00:00. Fantom Price analysis should be used in the description of the potential bearish scenario. If FTM owns $0 of the current support. We should anticipate a pullback of $0. The city provides 79 at minimum. A rising wedge formation has been formed in the past several weeks by price action.



Coin Market – The AO:

The Klinger oscillator suffered a bearish crossover for a short period of time before punching back up and displaying. In the coin market, there is a similar bullish momentum depicted by the AOS. During a brief period of time the Klinger Oscillator experienced a bearish crossover. During the coin market, The AO depicted a bullish momentum. The growth of Fantom comes from the things that are driving it. One such layer is a smart contract platform that has enjoyed attention off late. It uses a directed acyclic graph architecture to fix issues concerning slow transaction speeds and high transaction fees. The platform achieved the most momentum with the announcement of a 370 million FTM incentive program to attract new protocols and liquidity to the platform. An expected test of the major resistance zone should take place if it breaks above the 50 value. If we watch the MACD, we can see that a selloff will occur. It seems that a bearish divergence is starting to play out now by the MA’s. The rate of 0 was measured using the FTM Intraday analysis. The 8455 trend is neutral volatility.