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Evolved Apes advertised 10,000 ape NFTs with an NFT fighting game. The NFT collection’s developer has disappeared along with the funds for the game and the developer has gone out in flames, according to reports. Known anonymously as Evil Ape, the developer of Evolved Apes disappeared with Ether that is equivalent to $2. One hotel receives 7 million dollars. To purchase NFTs on the NFT marketplace OpenSea, 10,000 are available for purchase. Each of them was meant to be a character in a fighting game called ‘Evolved Apes. ‘ In which they wouldAccording to the vice report, it’s gone badly wrong. With seven million. The money raised was intended to be used to help develop the game and market it. It costs $2 and it is stolen by a developer known as Evil Ape. There are 7 million dollars raised from the sale of nonfungible tokens tied to primate characters in a proposed fighting gameThe digital tokens cost thousands of dollars.  The investors who purchase them paid out thousands of dollars each for the tokens. The disappearance of the project’s developer who disappeared with $2 is grappling with the investors of Evolved Apes a recently. Seven million ethereum in value, or 798 ethereum. Despite the search ongoing for the alleged culprit, some members of the project are trying to keep the project developing. A variety of scams exist because of Cryptocurrencies. Commonplace are term for things developers do when they take the money and run away. The old trick is not immune to the old trick, as thousands of investors of a project called Evolved Apes discovered.



Evolved Apes Twitter Account and Twitter Account Go Out of Business:

They used seven million of the funds that were expected to be used for a fighting gameThe NFT collection owns 10,000 ape inspired NFTs. The Evolved Apes website and Twitter account, along with the Evil Apes, went out of business. In addition, note that developers left traces on the blockchain. The report states that these traces indicate that 798 Ether ($2) were siphoned by Evil Ape. It is based on multiple transfers involving 7 million dollars of the project’s funds. The funds are used to cover project related expenses, such as marketing, resulting from the initial public sale of NFTs and commissions on the secondaryThe auction is canceled, by those who have invested in the NFT collection, on September 24th. Evil Ape, the aptly-named administrator of the project’s blockchain wallet, whose real identity is not publicly known, hadThe official Evolved Apes Twitter account and website are also gone. Evil Ape stole the wallet, all the ETH that was to be used for everything from paying the artist to paying the artist. The wallet connected to receiving the 4% royalties from resales is also provided by this wallet. Evil Ape also holds a number of the 1/1 NFT’s that were intended for giveaways. In part, because of the Vice story and Mike_Cryptobull’s report, no mention is made about the pursuit of criminal charges. Within a week the anonymous developer had vanished with the project’s Ethereum funds worth $2. 7 Million deleting the project’s Twitter account and website. They were intended to be used in developing the deathmatch game, and in paying out awards to participants. It is a fact if I understand correctly that Vice is informed by a member of the Evolved Apes community, known asThe NFTs of the Evolved Ape are still trading on the open market even though the developer has fled and seems to have abandoned theHe wrote in a report with fellow investors that was being cut by Evil Ape. Mr Cryptobull created the organization Fight Back Apes to attempt to hold Evil Ape accountable. Become a subscriber to the Invezz newsletter. Recently, an NFT collection of 10,000 strong was captured on camera. The storefront floor price for the project has fallen to about 0 after the rug pull by the anonymous developer05ETH is available on Open Sea. Before the incident, they promised that they would ship a blockchain fighting game, something that is often promised by avatar style NFT developers. The nickname of the vanished developer is described by a different coincidence by the developer. Evolved Ape investors noticed several red flags leading up to Evil Ape’s rug pull. One investor requested anonymity.  Afterwards, the announcements seemed suspiciously unprofessional.  Many of the leaders were not around anymore. The problem was ascribed to their lack of experience at the time. I don’t think it was ever what I expected it to be. According to Mike_Cryptobull who did not share their real name because of their standing in the community, the Evolved AptAs part of an effort to figure out the cause, a voice chat created by the investors on the Discord server was successful last week.



Fight Back Apes Discord, a Channel of the Evolved Apes Investors:

Certain aspects of scams are had by certain.  However, there may have been one by others. An administrator of the Fight Back Apes Discord, a channel of the Evolved Apes Investors, is on thereThe administrator said that everyone did get what they paid for, an NFT. You could choose between being active or passive. That n***** is done forSome of the Evolved Apes community is hanging tough and the plan is to attempt to carry on. I’ll develop the fight back apes as a community against Evil Ape, explained Mike. Organizers are seeking continued efforts from volunteers. In the third quarter, it was 7 billion, according to the report on Tuesday from the crypto tracking and research provider CoinDesk. Bitcoin passed the $50,000 mark for the first time in four weeks, and it added to gains this month on mounting institutional interest. Can some love also be gained by the rugged apes of #Evolvedapes?The APE club, #ballerapeclub, which includes Fight Back Apes, went down a storm. A multisig wallet is intended by the people. Josh crypto bull, another pseudonymous Fight Back Apes cofounder said the response is still awaiting. ‘Devil Ape’ is still receiving the 4% royalties from every sale, and that is why we are here to make a newMotherboard asked for comment initially, but was not immediately answered by OpenSea.