Evolved Apes NFTs – The Creator of the Evolved Apes NFTs, Has Stolen $2


The sum of $2 appears to have been stolen by Evil Ape, the creator of the Evolved Apes NFTs. Investors were able to acquire seven million ETH. Evil Ape’s creator of the Evolved Ape’s NFTs, has stolen $2. Over 7 million ETH were purchased by investors. A Fighting Game was intended by owners to be a Fighting Game.  Ethereum cryptocurrency is being earned by owners in online battles. The anonymous developer known as Evil Ape suddenly disappeared.  The project’s official Twitter account and website have been deactivated by the project. Cryptocurrencies are riddled with a dazzling array of scams. Common is a term used to describe when developers are stealing money and cash. One new trick is not immune to an old trick, as thousands of investors of a project called Evolved Apes is. Purchase 10,000 unique NFTs at the NFT marketplace OpenSea. A character was meant to be a fighting game.  Each of them was also meant to be a character. A vice report found that the item 798 Ether, worth about $2, went badly wrong. That means 7 million people and they are with them. The funds were raised through the sale of NFTs.



I believe that $2 was absconded by the creator of the popular Evolved Apes NFT series:

Both offline have been gone by the individual’s Twitter account and website. I believe that $2 was absconded by the creator of the popular Evolved Apes NFT series. Seven million dollars in investor funds. By the individual’s twitter account and website, both have gone offline. The creator of Evolved Apes, whose NFT series is popular, appears to have stolen $2. Prior to the deactivation, approximately 800 ether were transferred out of the project’s wallet by the developer. A document was written by Vice’s Motherboard for other owners explaining what happened. He writes that Evil Ape took away all of the ether that was going to be used. Evolved Apes sold thousands last week, EvolvedApe #7212 was the most expensive at $20. The highest bid is merely $284 and is now listed on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Evolved Ape investors noticed several red flags leading up to Evil Ape’s rug pull. After the public sale, on September 24, it seemed suspiciously unprofessional and several of the leaders were not around anymore, one investor requested anonymity due toThe reason cited was their lack of experience at the time. The investor said, I do not think this giant storm was ever what was expected. According to Mike_Cryptobull, who did not share their real name due to their standing in the community, The Evolved ApLast week, investors active on the project’s Discord server jumped on a voice chat. In the article, he described Evil Ape, the administrator of the blockchain wallet of the project, whose real identity is unknown. The official Twitter account and website for the Evolved Apes have also been removed. The wallet and all the ETH that was to be used for this project have been taken away by Evil Ape. The wallet is connected to receiving the fourth percent royalties from resales. Many of the 1/1 Evolved Ape NFT’s were intended for giveaways. The pursuit of criminal charges is not mentioned in Mike_Cryptobull’s report or the vice story.



The Evolved Apes Series is Curatoring 10,000 NFTs:

The Evolved Apes series consists of a collection of 10,000 NFTs caught inside a land of lawlessness in which noAlthough the fighting game was envisioned as a fighting game, that definitely has not come to fruition. This story was first shown on BeInCrypto. The Evolved Apes series is curatoring 10,000 NFTs, “trapped inside a lawless landInitially, it was conceived as a fighting game, however, this particular idea was not successful. The story was first shown on BeInCrypto. The rugpull was released to the public and sales are still happening. A four percent commission is provided by trade on Evil Ape, which is why owners vow to fight for a new NFT project. Mike_Cryptobull also had some wise words for those interested in getting involved.  Do not invest anything more than you can. You can choose from active to passive. Another pseudonymous Fight Back Apes cofounder, Josh_CryptoBull, is awaiting a response. Because they are still receiving 4% royalties from every sale, we are here to make a new NFT project. OpenSea did not immediately respond to Motherboard’s request for comment. The project’s wallet will be operated by Fight Back Apes, instead of a multisig wallet. It is a switch from active to passive. The man is gone. The plan at this point is to attempt to carry on with the loss. We fight as a community against Evil Apes. The project leaders are reaching out to players in the NFT game for assistance and advice, and are also seeking continued effort from volunteers.