Evolved Apes NFTs – Someone Has Abducted $2 From Evil Ape


It appears that $2 was stolen by Evil Ape, who created the Evolved Apes NFTs. Someone has taken $2 from Evil Ape. Investors bought ETH worth 7 million. An online fighting game was intended for owners who were able to earn ethereum cryptocurrency in online battles. But suddenly the anonymous developer Evil Ape has disappeared and the official Twitter account and website have been deactivated by the project. Cryptocurrencies produce a large selection of scams. Rug pulls often are used to describe developers who take money and run. NFTs, nonfungible tokens, are not immune to that old trick, as thousands of investors of a project are involved. The NFT Marketplace Opened provides a selection of 10,000 NFTs that are trapped in a land of lawlessness. On the NFT marketplace Open Sea, ten thousand unique NFTs are available for purchase. They were also intended to be characters in an Evolved Apes fighting game. A vice report indicates the project is not working out.  According to the report, 798 Ether was taken. Investors in the project Evolved Apes have been grappling with the disappearance of an anonymous developer. It lived up to its name, it disappeared, with 798 Ether worth more than $ 2. There are 7 million in project coffers reported by the project.



Evolved Apes creator appears to have abducted $2:

Both the individual’s Twitter account and website have gone offline. $2 appears to have been abducted by the creator of the popular Evolved Apes NFT series. Seven million dollars worth of investor funds. The pseudonym of the creator also has gone offline. The individual’s Twitter account and website have both been gone offline. The creator of the popular NFT series, Evolved Apes, appears to have abducted $2. Seven million dollars of investment funds. The pseudonym of the creator is no longer used on social media platforms.  The website has also gone offline. The developer had just transferred roughly 800 ether, which is roughly $4 million, from the wallet of the project prior to the deactivation. There was a document written for other owners from Vice’s Motherboard, that explained what happened. He credit the wallet to him, as he took away from the project from minting that was to be used for everything he wrote. Last week, the most expensive ones were being sold by Evolved Apes for a value of $20,600. On the NFT marketplace, OpenSea, a highest bid of just $284 is on sale. Evolved Ape investors noticed several red flags leading up to Evil Ape’s rug pullSeveral of the leader’s were not present, one investor asked for anonymity, and the announcements made following the September 24 public sale were suspiciousTheir reasoning was that they did not have the experience at that time. The investor says this huge storm was never expected. Based on their real name, the social media competition winners, a marketing activity to create buzz, had not been received by the project. In a recent development, the project’s Discord server hosted a voice chat. The new acting director Mike_Cryptobull is appointed.  He spent three ether, or around $10,200, on 20 EvolveMike_Cryptobull told Motherboard his opinion was based on making a few pieces for the community. The aptly named administrator of the blockchain wallet, Evil Ape, is in it.  He will not reveal his true identity publicly. The official Evolved Apes Twitter account and website also post a statement. The wallet was washed by Evil Ape and the ETH from minting was taken away by him. The wallet connected to receiving the 4% royalties from resales also functions like the wallet. Some of the One/1 evolved ape NFT’s are also holding by Evil Ape. Mike_Cryptobull’s report or the Vice story does not mention the pursuit of criminal charges.  I think that the reason is that notAn administrator of the Fight Back Apes Discord, in the United Kingdom, filed police reports. That 10,000 person collection was one of the hottest mints from the NFT, with the floor price steadily increasing after the Quick MoneyThe project’s showcase on Open Seas shows a floor price of 0It is much lower than the original minting cost. It’s severably tied to the scandal surrounding carpet printing which is shaking up the project. Additionally, Evolved Ape also took down Evolved Apes and allegedly siphoned all the money from the project. In addition to paying the monetary sum, they must run away. Evil Ape and the creators of the project promised seven million for a blockchain fighting game, a promise shared by several avatars. Some love, too gets done by Rough monkeys and evolutiondapes. The monkeys at #ballerapeclub were in a bad week.



Evil Ape – A New Project to Drop New NFTs:

10,000 NFTs are imprisoned in a lawless land where only the strongest of apes will survive in a survival ofAlthough the game was conceived as a fight game, it certainly has not been realized. The 10,000 NFTs that are incarcerated are a collection of 10,000 NFTs. While it had been thought of as a fighting game, it has not really been achieved. This story appeared on the first of BeInCrypto. More than $70,000 have been traded by Kotaku since the rugpull became public. Each trade by Evil Ape nets a four percent commission. In addition, Mike_Cryptobull has some advice for those who want to get involved.  Do not invest more than you can afford. Activate to passive. Josh_CryptoBull, another pseudonymous Fight Back Apes cofounder, is awaiting a response. Evil Ape still receives royalties from every sale, which is why we are here to make a new NFT. OpenSea did not immediately respond to Motherboard’s request for comment.  That was done to benefit the government. In spite of the enormous loss, at least some of the Evolved Apes community has a hard time, and the plan for nowWe can defeat Evil Ape as a community, said Mike_C. The new project leadership is reaching out to massive players in the NFT game for assistance and advice. The entities behind the new faction say a more community centric operating model for the project is wanted by them. The ‘Pranksy Whale’ made false Banksy appear for ninety dollars. ‘Evil Ape’ will create a new project to drop new NFTs to current owners. In 2021 NFTs were overwhelmingly dominant, with platforms like OpenSea recording extremely large trading volumes.