Evolved Apes NFTs: Evil Ape Rug Pull


The creator of Evolved Apes NFTs, appears to have stolen $2. The funds received by investors were estimated at seven million ETH. The creator of the Evolved Apes novel, Evil Ape, seems to have stolen $2. Investors now own seven million dollars of ETH. Intended to be a fighting game, wherein owners would earn ethereum cryptocurrency in online battles. Unfortunately, the anonymous developer, known as Evil Ape, suddenly disappeared, and the project’s official twitter account and website have been deactivated. Cryptocurrencies riddle scams with a dazzling array of scams. Rug pulls, a term used to describe when money is taken and ran by developers. NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, are not immune to that old trick as thousands of investors of a project. Over 10,000 unique NFTs are available for purchase on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. All of them were meant to be characters in an Evolved Apes fighting game in which NFT owners would pit theirA vice report states that 798 Ether, which is worth roughly $2, was taken by the head of the project. Seven million people.



Evolved Apes NFT Series creator is Responsible for $2 Disappearing:

Both went offline, based on the individual’s Twitter account and website. The creator of the popular Evolved Apes NFT series is responsible for having $2 disappear. The investor funds total 7 million. The pseudonym of the creator has gone off social media platforms, as has the website. Both the individual’s Twitter account and website had disappeared. It is possible that the creator of the popular NFT series, Evolved Apes, has been absconded by it forA total of seven million dollars worth of investors were spent. The pseudonym of the creator is no longer popular on social media platforms and the website has also gone offline. The developer had transfered around 800 Ethers that totaled over $4 million from the project’s wallet prior to the deactivation. A report about the Evolved Apes Investor, by vice’s Motherboard, was written for the other ownersThe wallet was washed by Evil Ape.  The one he washed by him is taken away by Evil Ape. Last week, Evolved Apes sold thousands of dollars with the most expensive being Number 7212. The highest bid is now sold on the NFT marketplace OpenSea for $284. Some of the red flags that led up to the Evil Ape rug pull were observed by Evolved Ape investors. Some of the leaders did not attend the public sale again after September 24.  The announcements were suspiciously unprofessionalThey attributed it to their lack of experience at the time. The investor said that he did not think this storm would be what was expected. According to Mike_Cryptobull, who did not share their real name because of their standing in the community, The Evolved ApInvestors jumped on an active voice chat on the discord server to find out what was going on. They named Mike_Cryptobull their de facto fact finding mission leader. Evil Ape, the appropriately-named administrator of the project’s blockchain wallet.  whose real identity is not publicly accessible. The official Evolved Apes twitter and website are also gone by the official Evolved Apes twitter account and website. The wallet was washed by Evil Ape for everything.  Everything from paying the artist, paying cash giveaways, paying for marketing, and paying forThis wallet is also connected to receiving 4% royalties from resales. Evil Ape holds a number of the 1/1 Evolutiond Ape NFTs that were intended for giveaways. Mike Crystalbull has committed a crime, and he is not mentioned in either the Vice story nor the Vice story.



The ‘Evil Ape’ Has a Four Percent Commission:

It is survival of the fittest, as 10,000 Apes will be rescued by the strongest of them. Although it was envisioned as a fighting game, it has certainly not been completed. 10,000 NFTs, who are incarcerated in a lawless land, are the same number as 10,000 NFTs. It set the stage for the imagining of a fight game, however, that has been cancelled. This story first appeared on the website beInCrypto. Since the rugpull became public it was still being sold, however, over $70,000 of it has been traded. The ‘Evil Ape’ has a four percent commission, which is why the owners are vowing to fight on and make a newFor those wanting to get involved, some wise words were also provided by Mike_Cryptobull.  I’m talking about Josh_CryptoBull, another pseudonymous Fight Back Apes cofounder. We are here to make a new NFT project that will bring back royalties to the communityOpenSea questioned Motherboard’s request for comment on January 16. A multisig wallet is different than Evolved Apes, which gifted Evil Ape exclusivity in the project wallet. The range of activity is from active to passive. That guy is gone. Despite the huge loss, at least some of the Evolved Apes community is hanging tough, and the plan now is to attempt toA nemesis of evil apes will be created by the Fighting Back Apes to fight together against our enemies.