Evolved Apes NFTs – $2 Was Stolen by Evil Ape


It appears that $2 was stolen by Evil Ape, the creator of the Evolved Apes NFTs. Investors manufacture 7 million ETH. It appears the amount of $2 was stolen from Evil Ape, creator of the ‘Evolved Apes,’ NFTs. Investors bought seven million ETH. It was intended to be a fighting game, with Ethereum cryptocurrency being earned by the owners in online battles. But suddenly disappears.  The project’s official twitter account and website have been deactivated. OpenSea enables purchase of 10,000 unique NFT’s. Each of them was also meant to be a character in a Evolved Apes fighting game, in which NFT owners pit theirA vice report states that one week after Evolved Apes was posted live, the project’s head disappeared, taking 798. A massive variety scams are spread by Cryptocurrencies. A term for when the money is taken by developers and run.



Evolved Apes NFT Series – Evolved Apes NFT Series:

Neither offline are going on, by the individual’s Twitter account and website. The creator of the popular, Evolved Apes NFT series appears to be absconding $2. Seven million dollars in investment funds. The website is also gone offline. Both Twitter and the website are gone offline by the individual. The creator of Evolved Apes’ television series has claimed $2 appears to be absconded. A total of 7 million dollars in funds from an investor. The pseudonym of the creator has not been displayed on social media platforms, and the website is also no longer available. Some 800 ether, worth approximately $4 million, were transferred out of the project’s wallet by the developer prior to the deactivation. One of the Evolved Apes investors, Mike_Cryptobull, wrote a document for other owners explaining what happened. It was taken away with all the ether and minting washed by Evil Ape. In the past week Evolved Apes have sold thousands of dollars, with the most expensive being 7212. The highest bid of $284 was now listed on sale on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea. In it, he stated Evil Ape the aptly named administrator of the project’s blockchain wallet, whose real identity is not known. The official website and Evolved Apes Twitter account are also gone. The wallet was washed by Evil Ape. I’ll also receive 4% royalties from resales. A number of the 1/1 evolved Ape NFT’s were intended for giveaways. The pursuit of criminal charges is discussed in Mike_Cryptobull’s report or in the Vice story, partly because the pursuit of criminal chargesAccording to Jdmjem, an administrator of the Fight Back Apes Discord, police reports were filed in the UK, where theIn a mail sent to PC Gamer, someone did get what they paid for, an NFT. An evolved Ape investor noticed several red flags that led to the pull of the Evil Ape rug. Several of the leaders are not around anymore, and the announcements after the public sale on September 24 were suspiciously unprofessional. The reason was their lack of experience at the time. I don’t think ever that big storm was what was expected, the investor said. According to Mike_Cryptobull, who did not share their real name due to their standing in the community, The Evolved ApLast week, some investors had jumped onto a voice chat to determine what was happening.



Fight Back Apes:

The evolution of apes series demonstrates survival of the fittest, in which only the strongest apes will survive. The owner had thought it would be a fighting game, however, that hasn’t occurred. This story was seen first on BeInCrypto.  Join our Telegram group and receive trading signals and a free trading course. Ten thousand NFTs were captured inside a lawless state.  Only the strongest of apes will survive in the survival of the universe. Though it was intended to be a fighting game, that has not been realized. Since the rugpull became public, Kotaku has traded more than $70,000 worth. Each trade earns a four percent commission, but we are going to fight on it, because it is Evil Ape. Mike Cryptobull shares some enlightening advice for those interested in getting involvedThis is the transition between active and passive. Active to passive. That n***** is done for by thatAlthough a great loss has occurred, some of the community for the Evolved Apes are fighting for survival and the plan is to tryWe will fight together against Evil Apes to become the Fight Back Apes. Josh_CryptoBull is another pseudonymous Fight Back Apes cofounder. We still receive 4% royalties each sale and this is why we created this new NFT project. OpenSea is responding to Motherboard’s request for comment, although it was not immediately. There is a multisig wallet on the Internet.  Fight Back Apes requires multiple signers before anything can be done to funds.