Evolved Apes NFTs – $2 Scammed by Evil Ape


This is allegedly stolen for $2 by Evil Ape, creator of the NFTs for the Evolved ApesInvestors are the one who generate 7 million worth of Ethereum. There are believed to be $2 stolen by Evil Ape, creator of the Evolved Ape NFTs. 7 million worth of Ethereum from investors have been stolen by investors. A fighting game was intended by owners able to earn Ethereum cryptocurrency in online battles. The anonymous developer has disappeared, while Evil Ape has deactivated the official Twitter account and website of the project. Cryptocurrencies are riddled with a variety of scams. A term for when the money is taken by developers and ran are common by Rug Pulls. NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, are not immune to that old trick, as thousands of investors of a project are involved. OpenSea is a marketplace that stores thousands of unique NFTs. They are fighting for survival. Investors in Evolved Apes, a recently launched profile photo that is nonfungible and named pfp. Under the name of Evil Ape, 798 Ether worth more than $ 2 was lived up to its name by the developer. Project coffers received 7 million dollars. Along with the creator of the Evolved Apes nonfungible token collection, has been missing. User Evil Apes closed the Evolved Apes website and Twitter account. An Anonymous developer stole $2. Both the money released from the initial minting process were covered by 7 million (£2 million). The title As a Fighting Game was originally designed by the original creators to be a fighting game.



Evolved Apes NFT Series Deactivation:

Both sites and their Twitter account are no longer functioning. $2 is a figure that appears to indicate that the creator of the popular Evolved Apes NFT series has abscondedInvestment funds lost 7 million worth of investor funds. The pseudonym of the creator has disappeared from social media platforms, as does the website. Both are offline.  The individual’s Twitter account and website are gone. Two dollars appears to be absconded by the creator of the popular Evolved Apes NFT series. 7 million dollars in investment funds. The developer transferred over 800 ether, or about four million dollars, from the project’s wallet prior to the deactivation. VIDEO’s Motherboard wrote a document for other owners, explaining what happened. The wallet was washed by Evil Ape and it took away all the ether from minting that. Last week, thousands of Evolved Apes were sold, the most expensive being #7212 at $20,600. OpenSea is a marketplace based on the NFT, with the highest bid of $284. Many investors who invested in the evolved Ape identified red flags that occurred prior to Evil Ape’s rug pull. The announcements made after the public sale were suspiciously unprofessional, and several of the leaders were no longer present.  One investor requested anonymity. But it was chalked by them down to lack of experience at the time. The investor said this was not what was expected. Their real name was discovered by the Evolved Apes community based on their standing in the community. Last week investors who were active on the project’s Discord server jumped on a voice chat to find out what was going onMike_Cryptobull was appointed by them as their de facto fact finding mission leader. It is thought that Evolved Apes sold the hottest NFT mints in recent years.  The 10,000person collection was sold out inThe project’s showcase on OpenSea’s website shows a floor price of zero. 005 ETH, that’s significantly lower than the original minting cost. The falling floor prices are certainly related to the recent scandal concerning carpet printing, which is throwing the project into chaos. It is believed that Evolved Ape stole the entire project money. Before running away with the remaining $ 2. The creators of the project promised a blockchain fighting game, a promise shared by several avatar style NFT developers. A little love was also obtained by rough monkeys.  #evolvedapes. It was a bad week for the monkeys, so check out Ballerape Club. It was intended to be used for the project development, cash giveaways, and rarity tools. Some stakeholders saw the rug pull. The Evolved Apes community discovered that the social media competition winners had not received their prizes. He washed the project’s wallet and his hands by Evil Ape. The team from Evolution of Apes announced the creation of the new movie titled Fight Back Apes in a surprise turn of events. Anyone who purchased Evolved Apes NFTs would automatically be approved for a fight back apes token that is linked toFightback Apes will have a multisig wallet that requires multiple signatures before anything can be done to funds. A more community centric operating model is planned by the creators for the project.



Fight Back Ape Still Receives 4% Royalty on Secondary Sales:

The Evolved Apes series sells 10,000 NFTs called ‘trapped in a lawless land. ‘It was envisioned as a fighting game but it has not come to fruition. The story was first seen on BeInCrypto. 10,000 NFT’s, trapped inside a lawless land, where only the strongest apes survive in a survival of the lostAlthough a fighting game was intended by it, that certainly hasn’t been realized by it. It was previously traded by Kotaku. Trades earn Evil Ape a four percent commission and proceeds go to the community. Mike_Cryptobull gave some good words for those interested in becoming involved. In my opinion. As we waited for a response from Josh_CryptoBull, the other pseudonymous Fight Back Ape,Fair Ape still receives 4% royalties from each sale so we are here to create a new N. I. OpenSea heard Motherboard’s request for comment immediately. The entities behind the new faction have proposed a more community centric operating model for the project. This was rigged by Fake Banksy for 97.  This was rigged by NFT called Pranksy Whale. 7 Ether.  Evil Ape still receives 4% royalty on secondary sales. It appears that scammers and hackers make a huge effort to exploit the exploding NFTs.  This is a target for scammersA fake token for pre-sale on the Solana blockchain was held last week, and then disappeared with all the other tokens. A phishing attack on the Aurory Project NFT has netted many millions of dollars.