Evolved Apes NFT Creator Evil Ape, Has Stolen $2


Evil Ape, the creator of the Evolved Apes project, was quite appropriately named.  It was quite a heist. Those invested in the project realized that its creator had left the project, however, the details of what went on are not entirely clear now. Ethereum has 7 millionDespite the fact that the legality of the ‘theft’ is actually unclear, investors are upset. On the NFT marketplace, OpenSea, you can purchase 10,000 unique NFTs. Each was also meant to be a character in an Evolved Apes fighting game.  In which NFT owners would pit their aA vice report has claimed that the head of the project vanished one week after Evolved Apes went live. With them, 7 million people. An online battle game was designed by owners to be a fighting game, ethereum being used as a currency. The anonymous developer, known as Evil Ape, has suddenly disappeared.  The project’s official Twitter account and website have been deactivated. The creator of the Evolved Apes NFT, Evil Ape, stole $2. Some investors have taken 7 million worth of ETH. The creator of the Evolved Apes NFTs, Evil Ape, has stolen $2. The investors have taken 7 million worth of ETH. Both the individual’s Twitter account and website had gone offline. The creator of the popular Evolved Apes NFT series appears to have absconded $2. A total of seven million dollars of investor funds are purchased by investors.



Ethereum Project’s wallet was washed by Evil Ape:

After all, what they paid for was actually received by those who invested. The evolution of the Apes NFT was eventually meant to be used in a combat game. Evil Ape decided to bounce with the money instead of creating itAlthough it is far from the first of its kind, it is a notable one. A big scandal with a name brand A staggering $300k in crypto was sold to a collector. NFT collections can not be perfectly duplicated by scammers, but they can be made by scammers extremely similar. A hole in their pocket can be found by unsuspecting buyers for their troubles.  A worthless NFT in their wallet is not very good. The author of the blockchain wallet, Evil Ape, disappeared from the project.  He took all of the money with him. Also gone are the official Evolved Apes Twitter account and website. Evil Ape of the project washed his hands and took away the wallet with all of the ETH from the minting that was to be usedThe wallet related to receiving the 4% royalties from resales is also connected to the 4% royalties from resales. Some of the 1/1 Evolved Ape NFT’s are being held by Evil Ape. The pursuit of criminal charges isn’t mentioned in either Mike_Cryptobull’s report, or Vice’s story. Although there was a scam, some of the Fight Back Apes crew reports were filed in the UK. The developer transferred 800 ether, valued over $4 million from the project’s wallet before deactivating it. One of the Evolved Apes investors wrote for other owners. Evil Ape cleaned his hands of the project, taking away the wallet that had ethereum from minting. Last week, Evolved Apes sold thousands of dollars with EvolvedApe #7212 being the most expensive at $20. The highest bid of just $284 is now on sale on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea. Both are offline, and the individual’s Twitter account and website are no longer visible. The creator of the popular NFT series ‘Evolved Apes’ appears to have absconded $2Seven million dollars of investor fundsThe pseudonym of the creator is no longer available on social media platforms.  The website has also gone offline. Only the strongest of apes, the 10,000 NFTs, caught inside a lawless land, will survive in a survival planThough it was intended as a fighting game, that has not come to fruition. The 798 Ether that is now missing was intended to be used for the project’s development and marketing. By now, the funds have been stolen by it. A number of stakeholders in the evolution of ape sphere, from users to NFT creators, were affected by the scam. The artist did not receive payment and this was just one of the many red flags that indicated an incoming rug pull. One investor believes the wallet was washed by Evil Ape.



The New Project Leadership Is Reaching Out To Big Players In The NFT Game For Assistance And Advice:

Egg NFTs were sold by users, they could be used as a vault to store other items. There were several issues that plagued the project.  An early attempt of someone involved in stealing ultrarare eggs. It can be from active to passive. That man’s life is over. At least some of the Evolved Apes community is going through some tough times.  The plan right now is to continue on. The fight against Apes will be done by us. The new project leadership is reaching out to huge players in the NFT game for assistance and advice. Kotaku has traded more than $70,000 since the rugpull became public. Evil Ape now earns a four percent commission from a trade that has the owners vowing to fight again. Mike Crystalbull penned some wise advice for those looking to become involved, do not invest anything more than you can afford. You can range from active to passive. The number of NFTs is ten thousand, and they are entrapped in a lawless land.  Only the strongest of ApeIt was originally envisioned as a fighting game.  However, that has not been achieved yet. First we can find trading signals, a free trading course, and more stories like this on BeInCrypto. It includes security risks.  Even the niche is being criticized as a vehicle for money laundering. Many in the industry review how to make the NFT space more secure. The one way that NFTs can be compromised is through individuals putting up artists’ works without their knowledge.