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NFTs and cryptocurrencies have been a source of many scams. Digital things are made by developers, literally.  They can be taken by the money and ranThe most recent case of this occurred with the NFT Project entitled, Evolution of Apes. Despite a massive scam, room is for lesser scams within the entire. This week provided one of the most interesting examples so far. The NNS Deputy report stated that the evolution of the Apes, offering over four thousand NFT, was sold with the creation of The CreThe scary jpg Rip off of the more successful ‘Boring Apes’ series, evil Ape allows buyers to not only buyI promise. Investors in Evolved Apes, a PFP, are grappling with the disappearance of the project’s anonymous developer. The moniker has allegedly lived up to the name, vanishing with 798 Ether worth over $2. Seven million dollars from the project’s coffers were removed.



Evolved Apes Social Media Competition:

The Social Verse has disappeared from the official Twitter page and down the website. It is unclear what the developers did with the remaining blockchain trail, which revealed they snatched around 798 Ethereum or $2. Investors own 7 million dollars. Some investors were suspicious after noticing unprofessional announcements after the project as well as the misalignments, which were noted by some investors. Investors who participated in the Evolved Apes social media competition received their NFT prizes. An investor whose name is Mike_Cryptobull spent over $10,000 on a digital drawing, which is now worthless. The wallet was washed by Evil Ape and taken away by him.  The ETH that was to be used for minting the ETH. On Friday, Evil Ape bailed the Evolved Apes website and took its Twitter account with them. They also vanished the $2. Wish raised seven million when selling idiots.  A jpg reminiscent of a Gorillaz poster was ordered by somebody on Wish. I noticed a problem some days after the launch of Evolved ApesDue to the blessing of the community (you will see this word is often used among these people), he decided to investigate. It was revealed in a report he released to others and said, ‘Caught by the Cut and Run. I collected seven million dollars by selling a jpg.  This looks like a poster for the Gorillaz.  Someone ordered it on Wish. Mike_Cryptobull spent more than $10,000 on paintings that were and are not worth it now. People decided to investigate. In a report he released to others and captured by Cut and Run, he wrote ‘What happened is that the project’s hands areIt was robbed. Develop the game and everything in between. The artist behind the image is the only one that is sold on the NFTNo payment by any of the parties. It is from active to passive. It is worth over 50,000 to have hundreds of sales, each deducting Evil Ape with 4% of its royalties. Indeed, the New Ft.  Alpha movie Evolved Apes was one of the most hyped movies of recent times. The project’s storefront on OpenSea has a price tag of 0 on the floor. 005 Ethereum is significantly lower than the original minting cost. The decline in the floor price is surely linked to the current rug pull scandal rocking the project. Evil Apes also took the Twitter and website of the group ‘Evolved Apes. ‘Before absconding with the $2. 7 million promised to ship a blockchain fighting game, which is a common promise among several avatar-style NFT developers. The wild Apes of #EvolvedApes also got some loveA new group of volunteers comes together to fight back the Apes, who can use any support or expertise.



‘Fight Back Apes’:

The first project I have completed and spent time in the community, is disappointing.  Mistakes made earlier are better then later. The artist, Mattthr.  October 5, 2021 It was a rug. It is shame on you and the company that you keep. Some of them have deleted Apes. The company Twitch suffered a data breach October 2th, 2021. That is a move I think you or I might find extraordinary, but it seems sadly predictable among those who view NFTs as a communityOne of their new projects is ‘Fight Back Apes. ‘The advertisement says either a scam built off of a scam is read by me. Perhaps both. Everything that these people are getting deserves by them. Advertisement. Anyone who purchases an Evolved Apes NFT will automatically approve Fight Back Apes tokens linked to this project. ”It is between active and passive. A scam made from the back of the scam, or the saddest ever I have read, is either made from the back of the scam or thePerhaps both. Everything that they are receiving deserves by these people. The entities behind the new faction say that they want a more community centric operating model for the project, including a multisig wallet, to helpPranked by Fake Banksy for 97. Evil Ape is creating an alternative project called 7 Eth, it will allow users to airdrop new NFTs. In 2021, the discourse in the crypto space was arguably dominated by NFTs.