Evolved Apes, a collection of 10,000 Ape NFTs


A fighting game was advertised in an Evolved Apes, a collection of 10,000 Ape NFTs. The NFT collection’s developer has disappeared, along with the funds for the game.  A plan appears to have gone up in smoke. Known anonymously as Evil Ape, the developer of the Evolved Apes, disappeared with ether that is equivalent to $2The number is seven million. NFT, the developer of ‘Evolved Apes,’ vanishes along with $2. Active to Passive lost 7 million in Ether of Funds. The movie, ‘Evolved Apes’ was promoted with an NFT combat game. In rumors, the NFT collection developer, along with the game finances have vanished, indicating that the scheme has failed. A pseudonymous developer has allegedly committed an exit scam in the project, Evolution, which is based on the NFT token,This is the way the NFT marketplace OpenSea describes the concept of The Evolved Apes Universe. On OpenSea, there are 10,000 unique NFTs for purchase. They were intended as a character in an ‘Evolved Apes’ fighting game, in which NFT owners would be pittedA Vice report found that the project’s head vanished after it went live and 798 Ether, worth roughly $2, was reported to have beenWith them, 7 million. Cryptocurrencies can be a huge source of frauds. Common use of rug pulls, a term for when money is taken by developers and run, is taken by the money and re-used byAs many people realize, the old trick is still alive, as it is the project Evolved Apt.



Evolved Apes – The $2 Price Tag Is Vanished by Evil Ape:

A sevenmillion of the funds expected to be used for a fighting game were used by an army game. The NFT collection contains 10,000 ape inspired NFTs. The official website and Twitter account of the Evolved Apes also ceased to exist. In the blockchain, developers leave traces. Evil Ape took out a $2 off the album 798ether. Seven million of the project’s funds would be spent in multiple transfers. According to a report by Vice, the funds are intended for project-related expenses, such as marketing. A problem began after the collection was dropped by the developer of Evolved Apes was noticed by those who invested in the collection. The artist for the project was not fully paid by the developer of the NFT collection. The official website and Twitter account of Evolutiond Apes have also taken down from the internet. The song Missing is Goes is a song by NFT Developer for the song ‘Evolved Apes. ‘The $2 price tag is vanished by the NFT developer behind the movie, ‘Evolved Apes,’ who goes under theSeven million dollars were intended for a fighting game. The collection contains tens of thousands of ape-inspired NFTs. I also discovered that Vice also vanished the official website and Twitter account for Evolutiond Apes. The report states that traces are left on the blockchain by the developer. The traces suggest that 798ether ($2) was stolen by Evil Ape. Seven million dollars from the project funds are used in various transfers, according to the investigation. If you fight for your life, then only the strongest ape will prevail. The report by Vice stated, just days after the project’s launch, Evil Ape disappeared along with the project’s Twitter account. The aptly named administrator of the project’s blockchain wallet, Evil Ape, is shown inside it. Additionally, the Evolved Apes twitter account and website have gone. The wallet that was taken by Evil Ape, was washed by him and contained all of the ETH that was going to be used for everythingAdditionally, the wallet is connected to receiving 4% royalties from resales. Evil Ape holds a large number of Evolved Ape NFTs.  They were intended as giveaways. A crime, which is unclear, has been committed. The owner of the Fight Back Apes Discord, Jdmjem, may have filed a scam. In an email sent to PC Gamer it stated what they paid for was received by everyone and was an NFT. The Evolved Ape investors were alerted to several red flags leading up to Evil Ape’s rug pulling. The announcements seemed suspiciously unprofessional after the public sale on September 24.  Several of the leaders were no longer around. Their explanation was their lack of experience at the time. I did not think this giant storm was ever what was expected, said the investor. The winners of the social media competition, a marketing activity meant to create buzz, had not been received by the project.  The artist had not been paidInvestors active on the project’s Discord server jumped on a voice chat last week in order to figure out what was going on. In that case, Mike_Cryptobull was appointed as their de facto fact finding mission leader.



Evolved Apes:

An aspect of a scam may be had by two, but one may not have been had by the owner. The Evolved Apes has a Discord channel.  It is hoped that the investors will start a new project.  It isPeople actually did get what they paid for, an NFT. In a social media contest, it was also revealed that the NFT promised by the winners were not received by them as rewards. The investors in the movie Evolution of Apes decided to begin their own investigation into the events that have occurred. A Vice report citing the NFT connection reported by Mike Cryptobull appoints him to the position. The opinions and opinions expressed by the author and any other people mentioned in this article are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an opinion. As with investments, trading, and other types of cryptoassets, risk of financial loss can be an issue. Image credit Image by B_A from Pixabay. Is it active to passive?The nefarious person is gone. Although the ‘Evolved Apes’ community may be a little defeated, the plan is to attempt to carry on. Josh is another pseudonymous member of the Fight Back Apes group. Because Evil Ape is still receiving the 4% royalties from each sale, we are here to make a new show. OpenSea did not immediately respond to Motherboard’s request for comment.