Evolved Apes


Even though there’s one large scam, smaller scams exist within the whole.  It has been provided by us this weekThey are a ripoff of the more successful, ‘Bored Ape’ series. On Friday Evil Ape bailed.  The team shut down the Evolved Apes website as well as taking their Twitter account. The most laughinout illustrations we have gotten by 7 Days are one of the largest rip offs to date. Around 4000 NFTs from the ‘Evolved Apes’ presenting were released a week ago as their ‘SuperThe evil Apes bailed on Friday, shutting down the Developed Apes’ website, and getting its Twitter account with them. A developer is involved in the abduction of $2. In a proposed fighting game, seven million in funds raised by the sale of nonfungible tokens (NFTs). It was vice to passive that discovered the investor who spent thousands of dollars for the digital tokens. Cryptocurrencies are the source of a dazzling array of scams. There is a term that is common for when developers take and run money. The song Unicorns were landed on by Tom Williamson and Rob MehewThey are overweight unicorns. Were unable to stand up on their own hooves, they had collapsed over and were shown in a 16×16 frameThey created 10 000 creatures and sold them for a profit. I have only sold one. They scrapped a generative NFT project that planned to make 9,999 cartoon cats.



Evolved Apes – The Slash and Run Incident:

The 7 million that they raised by selling idiots.  A jpg that looks like a Gorillaz poster on Wish was ordered by someone. The launch of the Evolved Apes took place only days earlier, and the local community was determined to investigate. The cut and run happened in a report released by him to other people and his hands of the project have been washed. The artist that produced these images, which was sold as the only item available in the FT, was not paid by them. Many sales have taken place since the move.  Some were more than $50,000 each.  Evil Ape received 4% of the profits. That’s strange, but it’s quite predictable. The number raised was 7 million because idiots requested a jpg which looks like a Gorillaz poster. The idea was taken by a particular these kinds of sucker who used over $10,000 on what was then and are now worthless drawings, and with theThe slash and run incident he has caught caught on camera produced a report by Evil Ape, stating what has transpired. The artist that drove the photos may pay a fee and it is basically the only thing available for purchase in the NFT. Because of the shift, hundreds of revenue have taken place, despite everything that has occurred.  Each net is approximately $50,000. The anonymous developer Evil Ape vanished funds from the Ethereum project worth $2 within a week. The project’s Twitter account and website are deactivated. The funds were intended to be used for developing the death match game and for paying out awards to participants. A member of the Evolved Apes community known as Mike_Crypto conducted a fact finding mission. The Project is still trading on the open market. In the report he shared with his fellow investors that he had washed his hands of the project. Mr.  Cryptobull created the organization Fight Back Apes.  It attempts to take control and hold Evil Ape accountable. In the lead up to Evil Ape’s rug pulling, several red flags were noticed by Evolved Ape investors. An investor who requested anonymity due to the ongoing fallout from the scam told MotherboardIt was blamed on their lack of experience at the time. The investor stated that it does not think this huge storm was ever what was expected. Environ a dozen social media competition winners have not received their national prizes from the projectInvestors active on the project’s Discord server jumped on a voice chat last week to figure out what was going on. By that call, Mike_Cryptobull was named by them as their de facto fact finding mission leader. Over the past few months, dozens of these projects have emerged, each typically themed around a single creature. A very large group of cats are also, as GutterCats, MoonCats, Mad Cats, Punk Cats, Stoner CatAt the moment, the largest is the ape. 10,000 apes in a punk vibe, dressed in trucker hats, stud earrings and mischievous grins. At launch, Apes were sold for the equivalent of $186 a pop. On this exchange, the lowest priced ape paid more than 80,000, and several have sold for more than $300,000 each. We were thinking, we have this club.  This dive bar.



OpenSea is a NFT project and is trying to make a NFT project:

A scam that is built off of a scam is either a scam built off the back of a scam or the saddest scam. Perhaps both. Everything they are receiving deserves by these people. Advertisement. It is either an improbable ruse based on an untruth or it is the worst matter I have ever read. Possibly both. Every little thing is earned by the people they are obtaining. A report released Tuesday by the cryptocurrency tracker and research provider CoinDesk indicated the total seized amounts was seven billion during the third quarter. Bitcoin passed the $50,000 mark for the first time in four weeks.  This was added to a rise this month due to growing institutional interest. Several avenues have been attempted to contact OpenSea, but we are still waiting for a response. Our group is trying to make a NFT project and bring the royalties back to the community. The response from OpenSea to Motherboard’s request for comment was not immediate. Approximately two million. A small cut is usually made by them, around two. Five percent every time one of their NFTs is resold. Those two items would be collected by the project leaders when a rare ape sells for more than 100 ETH.