Drunken Dragon – A NFT Project on Cardano Blockchain


The Pixel Tiles that live on the Cardano Blockchain are creating collectible and tradable tokens. Some of the items you can purchase are adventurers that you can make quests with, and furniture that you can use to decorate and expand your inOur goal is to release 10,000 unique looking adventurers specifically created as a reward for our early supporters. In my opinion, Reviews have been closely monitoring the development of a NFT game called Drunken Dragon. A NFT project on Cardano Blockchain is going to be a play to earn game. The project is being developed by Vledic Franco and Jorge Ferretiz also known as F3rraz. A full stack developer has been coding and building prototype games/mods since middle school. Christian is currently the COO of Rektangular Studios. A turnbased strategy game built on Cardano is launched by Rektangular. I was able to interview him for ScifiPulse.



Drunken Dragon – A Unique Way to Showcase Collectibles:

Pixel Tile Adventurers can offer the same functionality, but with additional balanced benefits. Does this have a ‘play to earn’ mechanic?If you play to earn we mean that any player can earn the same or similar crypto collectables that you would usually get by purchasing packs. Does this game pay to win?The purchased collectables are not a source of unbalanced advantage. Collectors utilize collectibles for vanity and aesthetics while also acquiring a variety of fun alternatives. The leadership team needs more than ten years of experience. There are many of the activities undertaken by everyone, but it is important to understand that digital art is collected by the NFT space. Drunken Dragon presents high quality digital, 2D pixel art and is unlike many other NFT projects and a unique way to showcase collectibleThe game will be delivered in parts.  This allows for the participants to slowly get to know the game world and all the functions of the game. Based on the users feedback, it will be continued by them. In Q4 of 2022, a complete world with the first quests will be readyHaving that in mind is a very important part of any NFT project. I want Mr. It is difficult for developers to interact with any blockchain. A game has common elements.  This must be made on any blockchain. You should be able to find a way to view tokens. To validate that you need ownership is needed. There needs to be a way for you to trade tokens. We spotted a video game that would interact with the Cardano blockchain. We made the tools for our game so they can be used by other developers easily. A token viewer is currently present on our website. If you would like to have the token viewer available on your website, you may want to write one command in an iframe.



The Project is maintained by People:

He is very passionate about fantasy, the potential of blockchain to make better and fairer systems for the world, and the cardano community. The art director has more than 10 years of experience in the game development industry and is a 2D game artist. He is passionate about revealing impactful stories of emotional content in game development. People come and go, mint, flip, and move on to the next project. In this community the project is maintained by people.  Help new members, discuss the development, communicate, and have fun playing the chat games. Over the past week many influencers began paying attention to Drunken Dragon and began making videos about it. They weave together to create our own story. We lay out the backstory for the main plot and have an idea of the direction the story should take. A feature that would allow a voice in direction of the story would be implemented using voting mechanisms.